Hallucinogens: The Wonderful World Of LSD

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How To Take It

How To Take LSD

Because it comes in liquid form, there are many ways it is reproduced for the illegal market. You can buy it in its purest form and just drop a bit on your tongue. Squeeze too much though and you may never come back. Just ask Syd Barrett. Or apparently, you can even drop in your eye like some crazy folks are known to do. But most of the time, it’s dried on paper or stamps and sold in tabs or sheets. Some put it in sugar cubes, Listerine freshener strips, brownies or cookies. It’s up to you how many you decide to take. One thing’s for sure though, if you get it from a reputable dealer – how that even makes sense is beyond me – get ready for the time of your life, or at least a major mind fuck.

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How To Take It

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