Which Countries Have The Hottest Cheerleaders?

Here at SloshSpot.com, our teams of researchers and writers have dedicated their lives investigating the best places to score a nice piece of ass (assuming that you’re Johnny Depp or you’re a rich old man looking for a hot young mistress). These guys have gone for days without sleep, food, and have sacrificed proper hygiene just to take the guesswork out of finding out which countries have the best looking cheerleaders! Now the question is, who gets your vote?
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Argentinan Cheerleaders

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So how do Argentinean cheerleaders get the crowd roaring? With awesome dance moves that would shame Shakira. No, kidding, they show their perky bottoms, of course! They will shimmy and shake dat ass to get the crowd of mostly men, rabid with anticipation. As a result, even the worst team in the lineup can still win big in ticket sales.

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