9 Things You Need to Know to Survive a Rave

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Wear the right thing

Wear the right thing

Considering you’ll be dancing Lionel Richie style all night long, keep in mind that you would want to be comfortable. Many of these parties are held in huge warehouses or outdoor fields, so no heels or high shoes for the ladies. Unless you want to find yourself barefoot halfway through the early morning (which would be really gross), wear the most comfortable pair of shoes you have. You definitely don’t want to find yourself stepping into a pool of some guy’s vomit. Jeans, a t-shirt or something sleeveless should be good. And make sure to bring an extra set of clothes. Who knows how much sweat you’ll produce while showing off your moves? Just remember to try to dress more like a raver and less like a drug dealer. You know, the scruffy looking dude in the baggie jeans who’s probably holding a lot of unmentionables. Unless of course you really dress like that. My bad.

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Wear the right thing
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