An Illustrated History of Sex Toys

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26,000 BC

Wooden Dildo 26,000 BC Sex Toy

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Again, credit belongs to the Germans. This was found buried at the famous Hohle Fels Cave outside Ulm, Germany. Scientists suppose that this was used as a sex aid during the ice ages. I have to say that I can’t blame those men then. You know what they say about the cold and the size of your penis? Let’s just say that you shouldn’t be caught buck naked in the freezing winter for fear of embarrassment.

500 BC

500 BC Dildo Picture

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The Greeks are certainly a passionate bunch. Back then, Greeks had lovers when they left their homes for battles. That’s because they had to find pleasure even in the absence of a woman. Can you say Achilles? Don’t believe this? Take a look at some of their ancient vases. These sometimes depict pictures of a woman giving head or men feeling up each other.

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26,000 BC
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