The Pros And Cons of Carny Culture

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Pride In What They Do

The Pros of Carny Culture - Pride In What They Do

It’s not exactly the 6-figure, suit-wearing, top Forbes ranking job position that many people dream of, but no one else can do what carnies do. Where else can you find men and women of all ages coming together to build and tear down a city in just five days? Or how about individuals who are willing to put their lives at risk everyday, as well as having an existence so nomadic, it’s a conundrum to most? The job may not entail performing life-saving heart surgery, but it’s still a life worth living. As one of these workers said, “There’s no glory in being a carny, but staring out at the empty fairgrounds where a carnival once stood, there’s definitely pride to be felt.”

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Pride In What They Do
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