American Rites of Passages Make Other Cultures Look Soft

[tps_title]Algonquin Indian Tribe Rite of Passage (Quebec)[/tps_title]

Algonquin Indian Tribe

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The Algonquin tribe has a pretty interesting ritual that separates the men from the boys.

  • First, the boy arrives in a secluded, pre-determined caged area.
  •  He is fed a drug locally known as wysoccan, which is an extremely dangerous hallucinogen 100% more powerful than LSD. The boy is fed wysoccan in order to force out any memory of being a child.

It’s common for some Algonquin boys to suffer memory loss to the extent that they forget their own identity or they lose the ability to speak. If the boy, upon returning to their village, is able to recognize his own childhood, he will be given a second dose of the drug just to nuke the brain a second time. Now that’s tough love.

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