The 15 Oldest Bars in the United States

13. Bell In Hand


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Address: 45 Union Street, Boston, MA 02108, United States

Established: 1795

The Bell in Hand plays a trendy host to the young ‘uns of today’s generation. The moment you step in, you’ll find young professionals gathering for some good food and drinks. Some people assume that this is actually the oldest tavern in America, but that’s because it gives the guests the colonial vibe the moment they walk through the doors. Unlike some of the oldest bars, this one only closed once in its entire existence, and this was during the prohibition. But like any good establishment, it jumps back on its feet and becomes stronger than ever. The bar got its name from its owner, a Boston town crier named Jimmy Wilson. But what makes this place even more special is the fact that it has remained true to its nature: it continues to serve quality food and drinks just like it once did to Paul Revere, Daniel Webster, and William McKinley.


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