15 Most Common Mistakes People (We) Make When They Are Drunk

Woke up face down in your own pool of vomit? Unable to remember the crazy antics you pulled last night because you had one too many glasses of wine? Who’s counting anyway?

We’ve all been there.

At one point or another, you find yourself so drunk off your rockers; you lose all sense of good judgment. Thanks to your friends, everything from last night is well documented on Facebook for Nana to see! Alcohol is great, but it can also be your worst enemy. And because we look after our bros even when they’re shitfaced by the gutter, we’ve listed down 15 of the most common mistakes we all make when we are drunk. Hopefully, y’all will keep this list in mind the next time you party with your friends (or not, whatever).

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Drunkenly running around naked is not exactly the best way to impress the neighbors. Streaking has been a popular prank since the 70s but it died down in the 80s. Of course, drunk people aren’t exactly known for keeping up with the latest pranks. If you do not want to deal with a hailstorm of photographs of your bare ass on Facebook, do not put yourself in a situation where you will regret the outcome later on.  Trust me, streaking is only cool when Will Ferrell does it.

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