How To Buy Glasses With SmartBuyGlasses

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Don’t you know that You can get your eyeglasses directly to your door prescribed by your doctor? And you want to have the assurity that you get your glasses are the similar ones you ordered with the accurate lenses.

That’s the reason the retailers like SmartBuyGlasses want to fulfil your requirements as you order according to your prescription.

Smartbuy glasses

You don’t need to be worried about how to get your accurate glasses online. We will provide a complete and simple guide in simple steps that you have to follow in order to get your glasses online. Follow the steps in this guide to get your glasses online easily.

1. Get Your Prescription

The 1st step you have to do is simply visit your doctor (Optometrist), whose role is to check your eyesight. Your optometrist is responsible to write prescriptions and clarify any kind of question you ask about your eye health and care.

For custom made glasses, your Optician will help you to choose perfectly fitted glasses. They take care of services like choosing frames, lenses, your pupillary distance and other info related to your prescription.

SmartBuyGlasses’ Virtual Try On Technology

Once you get your right prescription, you can visit SmartBuyGlasses and select the glasses or sunglasses of your choice. Everyone gets his/her because SmartBuyGlasses has launched a great technology virtual try-on tool (VTO). This technology helps you to try virtually  on glasses with the help of your own webcam. So there are no chances of surprises or design risks.

2. Get the Right Frame

If you already have a frame in your mind then you can find it by searching on SmartBuyGlasses. There is a great collection of eyeglasses or sunglasses of different styles that you can order online directly in very easy steps. You can also choose according to your budget, eye care needs and styles on SmartBuyGlasses.

Frame Shape

The glasses will suit you the most are the best chosen ones having shape according to your face features. You can look into the mirror and determine your face shape. Then according to this, you can select a frame having great features in resemblance with your face shape. 

Frame Size

It is very important to know which glasses will fit and suit you best. If you choose the right frame then it will be very attractive for you. The size of the glasses also matters. If you select too big or too small sizes of frame, it will not be an appropriate choice. The large size will not fit on your face and the loose frame will fall again and again. The small size glasses can block your blood flow. Check the measurements embedded on the temple to get the frame size that fits on your face.

3. Enter Your Prescription

After choosing the right frame, the last thing that you have to do is to fit it with lenses prescribed. Enter your information manually in the system at SmartBuyGlasses and get your order.

In Canada, the most trusted online retailer of eyewear is SmartBuyGlasses. You can find Whatever the style or eye care service you’re looking at this retailer. You can find any kind of style and brand without any hesitation. SmartBuyGlasses gives you the offer that includes 24-months warranty, no shipping charges and Guaranty of best and reasonable price in the market.  

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