Man’s Best Friend: 20 Pictures of Dogs with Beer

There are 2 things that men universally love: dogs and beer. Some of you may disagree with us on this and say that sex supersedes everything else. That may not be true. If the man had to leave his lady for a night out with his buds and a bucket of beer, he’s out the door before you can even say Budweiser. He won’t hesitate to bring his hairy pal with him as well. That’s because this constant companion won’t be there to nag him when he sits glued to the TV all day long.

Women may provide sexual satisfaction, but let’s face it, some nights are meant to be spent alone with a bottle of beer in hand. And the drunker you get, the more your dog seems to love you. Do you get this same treatment with your gal? Doubtful!

Dog With Beer Bud Light

Just goes to show you that this dog must’ve been a man in his previous life. He loves his beer as much as you do, even more so at times.

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