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How to Be Funny Even When You Think You’re Not - Slosh Spot

How to Be Funny Even When You Think You’re Not

Being funny comes naturally but with a little practice, you can learn to be funny. And below, I will talk about two of the greatest tips that can help develop your funny side whilst ensuring that you do not end up insulting anyone.

Don’t Try To Be Anyone Else


If you watch people who make jokes all the time, you’ll notice that they are generally comfortable with who they are. They are neither insecure nor doubtful about their abilities as they mimic other people. Instead, they are confident about themselves. And this is something that you must definitely try to emulate – be comfortable being yourself. As long as you are true to yourself, all the jokes you say will be natural and in-tune with your personality.

But, if you try to be someone else, then the jokes you say may not go well with the personality you have, thereby creating a rather negative impression in the minds of the people around you. For example, if the people around you see you as a ‘nice guy,’ then you might be in trouble if you try to pass some lewd jokes that are explicitly sexual in nature.

A person who is already seen as cocky and aggressive can make the same jokes and get chuckles from the audience. But if you try to do the same, then not only will the jokes have no impact, but the people might also see you as being creepy. So, just be yourself and crack jokes at your own leisure without feeling pressured to make jokes that are not in sync with your personality.

Time It Correctly

One of the important aspects of being funny is timing. When you say a joke at the right time, the audience is guaranteed to laugh. But if the timing is wrong, then your jokes will simply be brushed off by the people. Or at worst, it might end up irritating them, leaving a negative impression about you or the subject. So, what is the right time?

If the environment among the audience is not tense and they are in a neutral or happy mood, then that is the right time to crack a joke. And if the audience is already expecting you to say something funny, all the better. You can use their expectations, draw out a few smiles and deliver the final punchline that will send them into a fit of roaring laughter.

Toget the timing of a joke right is an art in itself. And the best way to master it is by watching comedy shows. Check out YouTube and watch the videos of top comedians. Look at how they deliver their lines, how they make the audience anticipate a joke and deliver it perfectly to the enjoyment of the audience. Once you watch a good number of funny videos of top comedians, you will be able to improve the timing of your jokes as well.

Keep these tips in mind and you will slowly develop the ‘funny guy/gal’ inside you and start to crack jokes to make people laugh. You will also find it easy to develop new relationships as people will start spending more time with you because of your ability to put a smile on their face.

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