The Line Between Being Funny And Arrogant

Knowing how to crack jokes and being funny is a great asset to any person. No matter what stage you are at in your life or career, if you can make people laugh, you are guaranteed to attract and influence them as they will seek to be around you. And if you think you are not funny enough, then you don’t need to worry about it. Being funny is a skill that one can develop through hard work and consistent practice. There are a lot of articles floating around that teach you the aspects you can focus on to become funny.

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Humor not only brings joy and a sense of bonding, but is also known to provide numerous other benefits. When people, who aren’t naturally funny, try learning it from others – there are a few things that can go wrong. One of the common things is that they blur the line between being funny and being arrogant. Not everyone can deliver the same jokes. Everything boils down to your personality and the audience.

When developing your sense of humor, be careful of distinguishing between being funny and mean. Remember to never crack jokes at someone’s expense, making them a butt of jokes in front of others.

That will only make you a despicable figure. Plus, only make jokes in appropriate situations. Blindly joking around won’t get you anywhere. You need to balance the serious stuff in your life with the humorous aspects.

Whenever you are trying to be funny, make sure to consider the audience. Otherwise, you might end up saying something that either falls flat and makes you look lame or ends up hurting someone. For example, imagine that you are talking to a few people you met just now at a business meeting.

Maybe you start joking about the situation in the Middle East, not in any bad way but just like any other joke. However, if one person in the group is from the Middle East and your jokes come across as disrespectful to their sense of identity, then you will create a negative impression in their minds. As a result, they might choose to never contact you again, considering you distasteful and arrogant.

So, be sure to know who your audience is before you start cracking jokes. And remember to never say anything that might end up hurting someone. You can joke about a person’s culture or identity for a bit. However, if that is the only thing you make fun of during the day, then people are going to be displeased with you.

At the end of the day, being a considerate person is more important than trying to show yourself as a person with a great sense of humor. While people are attracted to people who are funny, they won’t stay long if your jokes always border on being arrogant. Finding the right balance is necessary. Remember not to make someone the butt of your joke if they can’t laugh along as well. That is a pretty good sign that you need to tone it down.

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