21 Awful Tattoos and What They Say About You

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For all of you who have forever marred your skin with a tramp stamp and looking for ways to get rid of it, don’t fret because you’re not alone. There are bigger idiots out there who have chosen tattoos that are just horrendous and embarrassing. The worst part of it all is that some of these people actually think that what they have is cool.

Tattoos are forever. Removing it with a laser won’t help much. You can lighten the ink, but when you look closely, the outline of the god-awful image is still there. Obviously, these people assumed that their skin was a canvass. The only problem is that the artist was no Picasso. They could have chosen an 11-year old to put the permanent ink on their skin instead. For many of these tattoo victims, they would have been better off.

So, maybe these 21 acts of lunacy could be your guide on what not to do. And with any kind of mark done on your body, never throw reason out of the window should you decide to get one.

Tattoo 1: The Twi-Hard

Awful Tattoos - The Twi-Hard

Twilight may have been a box office hit, but that doesn’t mean that you should etch that historical event on any part of your body. You can bet that there will be better movies. In fact, there are better movies to consider. Twilight just became a hit not because it was worthy of an Oscar, but women simply couldn’t resist looking at Edward’s hair and Bella’s sulk. This was a heart-warming story that makes a cringe-worthy tattoo. But what makes it even more embarrassing is that most of the tattoo recipients are moms who are obviously way too old for any of the cast members.

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