Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters

Every bad boy or bad boy wannabe needs to know one name: Hunter S. Thompson. Or, you can simply call him HST if you want to be cool about it.

So, who exactly is this man? HST is an American author and journalist best known for his flamboyant style. His words have given birth to the term Gonzo Journalism. Basically, this means that the man is a genius. That’s because he managed to blur the lines between real and fiction, distinction between the writer and subject.

Obviously, this man mixed substances to get in touch with his uncanny and artistic persona. He provided nuggets of wisdom while on an alcoholic and drug binge. Thus, it makes you wonder if the stuff people consider poison is actually the greatest invention in all of history. Think about it! Edgar Allan Poe wrote better when he was drunk, and where is he now? In the writer’s hall of fame, of course! So, HST is actually an underappreciated genius who has now raised himself to a class that not too many writers find themselves in. He’s in league with the greats – from Shakespeare to Mr. Poe himself.

Instead of rambling on and on about how amazing HST is, let me give you posters of the man who has given us some of the best quotes to date, most of them worthy of a spot in the national museum:

1. Respect


This explains why people have become better acquainted with some of the most potent substances.

2. Professionalism


The greatest artists are also some of the weirdest people to have ever roamed this planet. They may have been shunned by society back then, but we’ve obviously learned from the past. Some of the biggest weirdoes nowadays grace the silver screen. In fact, a good number of them are in the capitol as well.

3. Immortality


Sure, you’re just being careful. But then again, isn’t life all about taking risks? You may not live as long as you’ve intended, but the memory of you will always linger in everyone’s minds. It’s better to go down in history as the world’s most memorable character than live forever but become the wallflower that you shouldn’t have been.

4. Faith


The best way to benefit from the help given to you is to actually help yourself as well. Some people blame God and little do they realize that the fault is entirely theirs.

5. Adventure


This is reminiscent of the days you’ve visited a theme park. You get the ticket but chicken out in the end. Live a little and get that heart rate running. If you’re young enough, you won’t have to worry about suffering a stroke. But if you’re past your prime, then you can be the exception. After all, why take a ride on something that actually puts you six feet under?

6. Courage


Get rid of fear by killing it. This might just be the only time that you could bring out the Dexter in you. Look within yourself and see how you can quell the very thing that paralyzes you.

7. Relax


They say that ignorance is bliss. Well, HST begs to differ. Ignorance is stupidity, and stupid people will never go far in life. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out!

8. Fate


Don’t take shit from anyone, even the rich. More importantly, don’t eat their shit or you might as well shoot yourself in head and die.

9. Honesty


They say that there’s truth to advertising, but from the looks of it, marketing is all about fooling people into buying what they don’t need just so businesses can live off what they’ve spent. Hmmm…it may be time to TiVo those shows and skip those darn advertisements. It saves you time and you need not worry about prolonging the suspense.

10. Virtue


Now, there’s someone who’s man enough to admit what he does. He’s kinda like the Bob Marley of the journalism world.

11. Disdain


So, is it safe to assume that he was never a fan of Saturday Night Fever or Studio 54?

12. Cunning


So, you may be cray-cray, but the trick here is to fool people into thinking that there’s actually a prodigy behind it all. If you can pull this stunt off, then you certainly deserve to be richer than Mr. Trump himself.

13. Living


Do what you want and don’t ever say sorry for the choices you’ve made. If someone questions you and your intentions, then curse them in Arabic. Don’t worry, they won’t understand you anyway!

14. Acid


That is, if you’re man enough to allow acid to find you!

So, which ones motivate you the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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