The Weirdest Guinness Book Records of the World

The world is filled with weirdness. So when it comes to the world record, Guinness Book has plenty of weirdness recorded in it over the years. So you are up for some unusual facts and record checks? Let us dive!

# Most weight lifted by a beard

Yes, that’s right. The beard can do some pretty heavy weightlifting, and the record was set by Antanas Kontrimas from Lithuania. He holds the record for the heaviest weight lifted by the human beard, which is 63.80 kg (140 lb 16 oz)! Unbelievable, right?

# Largest collection of rubber ducks

Now you must be wondering how in the world that can go in the Guinness Book? Well, it did! Charlotte Lee of the USA has a whopping collection of 5631 rubber ducks that she has been collecting since 1996! Next time anyone tells you to stop gathering stuff, you know your argument, right?

# Biggest Star Wars Collector

If you are a Star Wars fan, this will drive you crazy! Steve Sansweet of northern California, turned his passion for the Star Wars franchise into something more. With a jaw-dropping 300,000 unique items related to Star Wars, Steve has turned his collection at Rancho Obi-Wan into a museum!

# The Most Body Piercing Ever

Are you already flinching in your seat? Wait till you hear the whole story. Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian by birth, made the record with the most number of body piercings ever done. She has, (hold your breath), 462 piercings on her body, including 192 in the face region! Talk about impossible, huh?

# Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten 

Big Mac burgers we love, we can have a lot of it. But can you beat Donald Gorske, from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin? This man made it into Guinness records by eating the most number of Big Macs ever in his life. Ready for the numbers? Well, it’s just 28,788 burgers!

# The Biggest Rubber Band Ball

Yes, we are talking about those rubber band balls you make in your office and secretly aim for the paper baskets on lazy Monday afternoons. Well, it turns out that somebody got the record straight by making the biggest one! Joel Waul took it seriously and got down to make the ” Megatron,” a  9,032-pound rubber band ball, all of 6 feet 7 inches. Now that’s called something!

# The Longest Tongue

You read it right; we are talking about the tongue! From Monterey, California, we present to you, Nick Stoeberl, with a tongue measuring 10.10 cm! Unbelievable, right?

# The Longest Jump by A Cat

We have seen cats jump. Sometimes they defy odds and jump like they are in space. But Samantha Martin’s cat, Alley, from Texas, jumped like no other! She made it into Guinness Book by a spectacular 182.88 cm jump! That’s called a ninja cat!

# The Largest Yo-yo

Yo-yo, the simple, fun string game we indulged in as kids. But when it comes to setting records in the Guinness Book, expect to be blown away! Beth Johnson, of Ohio, took more than a year to build the world’s most gigantic Yo-yo measuring 3.65 m in width and having a weight of 2095.6kg!

# The Tallest Hat Ever

We have heard of skyscrapers and towers, but hat? Definitely, the tallest one exists too! Odilon Ozare, of the United States, holds the Guinness World record for the most towering hat that measures an astounding 4.8 m!

# Fastest Pasta Eater

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Michelle Lesco took pasta eating to another level by completing a bowl of it in 26.69 seconds and made the world record. Who knew finishing food really quick could take you to the pages of Guinness! 

# The Most Toothpick in Beard Record

I know it is weird, in fact, very bizarre. But Joel Strasser made the record by putting 3,500 toothpicks in his beard. It took him more than 3 hours to do so and enter the page of Guinness Books. Now, this is called the work of legends!

# Most Tattoos Ever

Lucky Diamond Rich, from Australia, holds the record for the most body tattoos on a person. To give you an idea about the extent, he has about 1000 hours of body art modifications!

# Longest Mustache Ever

Ram Singh Chauhan of India made the Guinness World record for the longest mustache ever. It measures 4.29 m (14 ft)! 


We live in a weird world where everything crazy is doable, so go ahead and find out your weirdness, embrace it, and don’t forget to share it with us!

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