Brilliant Prank Ideas Bordering On Evil

Pranking is fun. The more chaos it brings, the more fun it becomes, especially if your victim is very much gullible and doesn’t catch on much. Unsuspecting victims are the best victims since you can prolong the prank for as long as you want. Pranking is a global phenomenon and it has become one of the most favorite activities of mankind.

Brilliant Prank Ideas

If you do a Google search, you would be astounded by the sheer amount of pranking videos that are floating around the internet. Every day, someone thinks of a new and better way to prank their friend or family member. With the evolution of technology, pranking has also evolved.

In fact, pranking has become so big that there is a day dedicated to pranking — April Fool’s. April 1 is now a globally recognized holiday where millions of people around the world play practical jokes on each other. A jubilant statement of “April Fools!” usually follows after the recipient catches on.

If you are still a novice prankster, it would be better if you try to do some research on how and what prank you should pull. This way, you are guaranteed that it ends in a success and not an epic fail.

Here are some brilliant prank ideas that really border on evil. Enjoy!

1. Fake Spiders and Cockroaches

Want to give someone a scare? Order fake insects from Amazon and scatter them around your area. Place them under their pillows, on chairs, their phone, etc. Any place where your victim would not suspect an insect to be. Who would not jump and scream at the unexpected sight of a spider?

2. Surprise Cake

Who doesn’t like cake? Surprise your friend by giving them a cake as a gift. Enjoy the consequent explosion that would then happen after your makeshift balloon cake gets popped.

This is quite an elaborate prank that requires a little bit of planning. First is blowing up a balloon that would pop at the slightest poke. The next thing you have to do is create a thick layer of icing that would hide the entire balloon. Offer them a knife and watch as icing explodes everywhere around the room.

Be warned that this is a very messy prank so be sure to only do this if you hate them enough.

3. Prank Calls

The classic Prank Call is, in a lack of better term, one of the best pranks you can pull on your friends. The anonymity that it provides ensures that you can prolong your prank for as long as you want to keep them victim. Receiving a prank call is definitely an annoying thing to happen. Making prank calls, however, is definitely fun.

This is definitely a great way to pass the time as you will be annoying a lot of your friends. Be aware that to make a successful prank call, you need to be subtle and not let them on that you are pranking them or else they will just hang up on you. Prank calling is complicated but there are now Prank Calling Apps that will help you become the ultimate prankster.

4. Mayonnaise as Whipping Cream

Another switching prank that you can do on your friends is to give them food. However, instead of providing them real food, you should definitely switch up some ingredients. Nothing is worse than opening your mouth expecting a burst of flavour and getting a different one in return — something that is vile-tasting.

For example, you can switch out the Oreo fillings for toothpaste, Mayonnaise as Whipping Cream, Onions for Apples, etc. You get the gist of it.

5. Take Over Their Printer

Wireless Printers have become the norm in most offices these days. This allows you to print out vague and alarming messages that will create panic around the office. Anyone who sees your “The Aliens are coming” message will definitely be alarmed. All you have to do next is sit back and watch as chaos ensues around your office.

6. Play With Their Auto correct Features

There are a lot of features that your smartphone has. Most of these are for our convenience but because of the ingenuity (and maybe evilness) of other people, they have found that even these features whose main purpose is convenience can be used to inconvenience a lot of people.

You can set up their autocorrect features to translate to different meanings. This can range from a simple “yes” to “no” to something embarrassing like “I pretend to be a carrot in my free time.” Not only does this make typing a hassle, it also makes you look like a fool to anyone you try to talk to.

7. Fill Vodka Bottle With Water

Nothing is more irritating than just looking for a stiff drink at the end of the night and finding out that your bottle is just tap water. This one takes a bit of time to take effect and is more like a time bomb.

8. Yellow Tape All Office Facilities

Create chaos in your office by putting up yellow tape and “Not Working” signs all around the room. You can close off the entire bathroom and watch as your entire office fidget in their seats, unable to relieve their bladders. Another thing that you can do to increase the chaos you cause is to put “Broken” signs on even the most mundane items like staplers, chairs and water dispensers.

9. Mix In Food Coloring With Their Toothpaste

Give your friends’ pearly whites a different shade by mixing in a drop of food colouring in their toothpaste. Brushing your teeth is a mechanical routine task that does not usually ask too much detail. This means that your victim will not find out until after they have painted their teeth blue or red or maybe even yellow!

10. Coat The Soap Bars With Clear Nail Polish

This one is kind of a classic prank. Coat their soap bars with clear nail polish. That means when you try to rub it up, it will not lather. No matter how much your victim tries, the soap will not work.

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