10 Fun Bars in Crete

Crete Bar

Crete, well known for its rich history is also a hot spot for best nightlife and the best bars. Those on a visit to Crete should take advantage of beach strips for a great night out. There are bars and nightclubs, live bands and local wine bars to enjoy here. Enjoy sipping chilled beverages at those fantastic bars with a magnificent sea-view in Crete or head for that tiny backstreet hole where you can drink raki with old guys. There are plenty of places in Crete where you can have a great night out and hang out on a budget. Just plan your trip and rent a villa in Crete where you are sure to find stylish café bars that are a hot favorite with the locals as well as the tourists.

Here are some bars in Crete, known for their excellent location, views, and selections!

  1. Almyra Seaside

    Almyra Seaside bar restaurant enjoys a unique location. Located in the west side of Heraklion, it is situated right next to the Gulf of AgiaPelagia. Enjoy great drinks and cocktails along with friendly service. Mai Tai cocktail is a must-try. The food and the view of the harbor are indeed spectacular. This bar is a must and highly recommended not just for the drinks but seafood risotto too.

  2. Loft Club

    If you like loud music and DJs on deck, then Loft Club is where you should go. The town-center dance club offers frequent party/theme nights. This fantastic bar and club is the only club at the top of the strip. When going town down to Malia’s nightlife area, this is the very first bar you come to, and it is quite close to the main road. The amazing lighting system, top DJs of this a massive bar, is sure to get you in a mood for clubbing and drink offers.

  3. Peacock Tail Bar

    The Peacock Tail bar comes with loads of character. Located on a cozy street in the heart of the old port, you will feel welcomed the moment you step in, thanks to the warm and welcoming service. The mixologists are very knowledgeable, and the service is quick. They will improvise a cocktail for you on the spot and know what you will like. The polite owner is very gracious and communicative and knows how to make incredible and original combinations of beverage.

  4. Eclipse

    Located in Platanias, Eclipse is a lively bar and nightclub and is a great way to spend a fun night with your friends. Enjoy a night of drinks and dancing in the rather casual atmosphere. The location is pretty snazzy while the cocktails are vast and icy. It is renowned for its friendly staff and groovy DJs and not to forget, those yummy drinks. You will be treated in style here and are sure to come back here!

  5. Baraki Bar

    Baraki Bar offers you a fabulous welcome. Enjoy those great drinks followed by fresh popcorn and nuts. The palace is full of fun, and you are sure to have a wonderful time here. Run by a team of husband and wife, it is easy to make friends here. As the night progresses, you are sure to get in the mood for the fun of the karaoke. It is really a great bar noted for its pleasant atmosphere with friendly people as well as great music and live bands.

  6. Apotheke

    This espresso bar is located in Chania‘s old harbor and carries a minimal and modern design. You can enjoy an espresso here during the day and later come back for some great drinks at night. Enjoy those savory snacks with your delicious cool drink and enjoy those great views of the Venetian harbor and the lighthouse. The staff is fun and friendly too. The bar is highly recommended.

  7. Trito

    Trito located on Meramvellou Street is a strong player when it comes to nightlife. Right in the heart of Heraklion, the bar remains open from early in the morning and till late night. Enjoy an interesting mix of cocktails here along with some great finger food. The bar is famous for its international playlist and art exhibitions.

  8. Fagotto

    It is one of the 0oldest and long-running jazz bars in the city. Located in a wonderful Venetian building, one can enjoy live performances of Cretan music here along with their cocktail drinks. You will love the atmospheric live music shows and the jazz, swing and blues rhythms. The cozy bar is known for its fabulous selection of drinks and cocktails.

  9. The Whisky Bar

    It is only at the Whisky Bar where you get to enjoy an unappalled warmth and dedication to customers. You will even get a nice little whiskey tasting session with the owner. The nicely done bar is at a great location and well famous for its great selection of drinks and friendly atmosphere. The bar is famous for offering warmth and dedication to customers. You will love the bar with stunning views and great owners, who really care about their guests.

  10. Heraklion

    Heraklion bar with its unique location and eucalyptus trees indeed makes for a special bar. Located inside Venetian walls in a moat, this is a grand place to mingle with locals. Just inches from the port, the candlelit bar serves super affordable cocktails and Mythos beer. Go through the paved road in the alleys of the Venetian moat and enjoy the company of interesting people and great music plus those fantastic cocktails.

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