2023 76ers Updates: Here’s What You Missed

With only a few months ahead, NBA fans are on a roll in collecting updates on their favorite teams. As such, even the teams are tirelessly training to improve their records and start the 2023-24 season with a bam. Similarly, with plenty of offseason work for the Philadelphia 76ers, it’s hard to keep track of everything happening. 

Moreover, 2023 is another fulfilling year for the team as they add more bench depth to their roster and take the winning shot against other teams. To make your life easier as a Philly 76er fan, here’s a list of what you’ve missed:

Latest Agency Acquisitions

Philadelphia 76ers have plenty of work with agency acquisitions. Here, they continue to move through the 2023 season with James Harden’s trade request and even Paul Reed’s re-signing. Nonetheless, these offseason moves will determine the Philadelphia 76ers odds in the upcoming games. Moreover, here is a depth chart of the team’s point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards:

Point Guard

The team has James Harden as the starter for Point Guard and Patrick Beverley as their depth. In the 2022 season, Harden led the league with assists and shots, which led the 76ers to their optimum performance. 

However, a potential breakup was rumored in June since Harden entered the last year of his deal. Reconciliation also seems to be unattainable as both sides hint at a tainted relationship with no communication whatsoever. Likewise, a hefty payday isn’t appealing to James Harden.

Even so, the 76ers still have Patrick Beverly on their roster. This player provides solid depth to the team as he can knock down shots and defend. Beverly also has plenty of experience in the field, and he will continue to do so as he turns 35 this coming season.

Shooting Guard

Tyrese Maxey is the starter for Shooting Guard, whereas De’Anthony Melton, Furkan Korkmaz, and Jaden Springer are the depth. With an average of 20.3 points, Tyrese Maxey was also a monster in the field last 2022 season. However, the 76ers opted not to extend his contract this year and instead wait for the next offseason in 2024.

On the other hand, Melton is a reliable player, as he’s able to provide a solid defense. Springer and Kormaz don’t fall too far behind as well, as both players have the potential to crack the rotation in the next season.

Small Forward

Tobias Harris is the starter for Small Forward for the 76ers. The name Tobias Harris floats from trade rumor to trade rumor as he’s on an expiring contract for the 2023-2024 season. Although these seem to be the case, the veteran will highly likely stay with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

The depth is Danuel House Jr., a player that boasts defensive ability and athleticism in the team. Although House Jr. still has to get a chance to showcase himself, he’ll surely have plenty of opportunities in the upcoming season. 

Latest Wins

Not only are there new updates in the roster, but the Sixers also continue to add more wins to their records. Here, you’ll find the latest games of the team, starting against the Boston Celtics on May 10, 

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics

On May 10, the Philadelphia 76ers held quite the challenge against the Boston Celtics. In the 5th game of the conference semifinals, the Sixers held their place with a score of 115 to 103. Joel Embiid started the game with a motive to beat the shot clock. Moreover, the Sixers took that opportunity, leading the entire game and spending every second by double digits.

Thanks to Embiid, the team earned 33 points and seven rebounds. He also had trustworthy teammates like Tyrese Maxey, who held 30 points. James Harden is also awesome, with 17 points and 10 assists. 

Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid wins MVP Award

Joel Embiid had a rocky start last 2022-23 NBA regular season, while the 76ers barely reached a .500 in the first quarter. However, being one of the best teams last season, they were able to turn the tables around, and Embiid slowly crept his way to the top and consistently raised his MVP odds. 

Additionally, the center has shaken the basketball world as he scored his 59-point, near-quadruple-double masterclass in November. It’s his first ever intense and chair-gripping game in his season. You’ll be surprised to hear that this is only the start of his neverending iconic and memorable plays. 

To name a few other moments, here’s a brief list: his staggering 53 points against the Hornets and his hit game-winning shots in the team’s back-to-back road games last January. So, it’s no surprise that the fans expect so much from the 76ers for the next season, even this early.

Final Thoughts

With several close attempts to reach this feat, It would be in no time before the Philadelphia 76ers will win the NBA Final. The teams made significant adjustments to their roster, and their accomplishments from last season are good references for improving this season’s performance. With all the hopes, everyone can look forward to the 76ers great opening game this 2023-24 NBA regular season!

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