23 Things You Discover After Having a Second Child

So you have a perfect family with two amazing kids and suddenly you start facing things you had never imagined before. Well, I must tell you this is just the beginning. Having a second child may make your family portrait complete, but it comes up with its own set of challenges. However do not be disheartened, simply ensure that you explore this journey of parenthood with your partner to make things easier, not only for you but also for your little brats!

  1. You are always spaced out:

Motherhood is always challenging, but with two kids to look after things gets even more difficult. You might feel overwhelmed in the first few years, but trust me things will ease out.

  1. Some will always be hungry:

Your day after having two children will end feeding one after another. After you just fed a bottle of milk to your little one, the older one will just then begin to show his/her hunger pangs. So you again begin to cook some healthy yet delicious snacks. If you think it ends here, your partner would just come home feeling terribly hungry.

  1. There are always things to be finished:

Your life has already taken a transformation after your first baby, but with the arrival of the second one, your schedule will get even busier. There will never be enough time to accommodate doctors’ visits, play dates, classes and so on.

  1. Making your little one sleep is impossible during daytime:

Well, it’s true that the first few months of an infant are mostly passed sleeping away peacefully, but this definitely does not happen when you have an elder sibling in the house.

  1. Your infant’s cries will keep sleep away from the elder one at night:

So you thought that the night will be peaceful as ever. With the second one it feels like a distant dream. Most babies cry during the night and this will wake up your elder kiddo during the wee hours.

  1. There is nothing called synchronized sleeping time:

You were advised by some mid-wives to make your children sleep at the same time to give you some time to rest. Let me tell you this never happens in reality.

  1. Sometimes even two is not enough:

So you thought that having two children will complete your family. Well your friends and family may not agree on the same. If you have two children of same sex, you will always be questioned if you are trying for another boy/girl. These questions will definitely make you lose your cool!

  1. You need to prove your capability often:

There will be times wherein you might mess up things while bringing up your two children. Some people might be judgemental for the same and even make you feel incompetent for the job. Take my piece of advice and ignore such people, remember that you are the best in bringing up your kids.

  1. Finding help is a nearly impossible task:

While your closed ones were very keen on helping you with your first child, they may suddenly seem less enthusiastic looking after two children. Hiring good babysitters is a task and even if you get lucky, it’s going to burn a big hole in your pocket.

  1. Going out does not always seem like a great idea:

The idea of a family outing is always alluring. But you will realise that after your second kid, things begin to look differently. Getting two kids ready may leave you so exhausted that you might not feel the urge to go out at all.

  1. The task of cleaning never seems to end:

Like everyone else you like to keep your house clean, but with two kids in the house, no amount of cleaning will help to clear the mess.

  1. With the elder one being around you will require extraordinary diaper changing capabilities:

While you rush to change the diaper of your little infant to put an end to his/her wails, your elder toddler might be ready to put up a great acrobatic show at the same time. So to avoid any mayhem you have to change the diapers and return to attend to your elder one, in just a flash. Seems impossible, well motherhood teaches it all.

  1. The laundry basket is always full:

Cleaning clothes in the washing machine once is not enough. Your little one needs to be changed frequently, not to forget the older one. The laundry basket never seems empty after two kids.

  1. One person suffering from cold equals the entire family getting cold:

Family is all about sharing, even if it means unwanted infections like cough and cold. As soon as one person gets cold, others just wait for their turns.

  1. The grocery cart is already full before shopping:

Your grocery visit is due but with two kids the idea does not feel appealing. While you don’t want your kids running all around the grocery store, making them sit in your grocery cart hardly leaves any place to keep anything else.

  1. The adult: children ratio is now 2:2:

Your little monsters may feel like taking control of the things after gaining equal majority. So make things work, you and your partner need to deal with each children individually.

  1. There can never be a perfect family portrait:

It is always a wonderful idea to deck up your home with pictures of your loving family. If you are planning to enlarge a complete family picture with your kids on the living area wall, think twice. Getting two children look into the camera simultaneously isa herculean task.

  1. The level of enthusiasm is not the same:

With your first kid you had been really excited and took extra efforts in doing things like clicking pictures or doing their bedroom. With the arrival of the second child, there is so much more to do that you tend to ignore these gestures.

  1. Your shopping list will only include utility products:

With the second child you have become more matured and informed. You can clearly distinct between things that are useful and those that just seem to be good.

  1. Planning a vacation is more pocket friendly before your younger one turns 2:

Children below two years can fly free and there is even no entry tickets levied on them. So it seems more economical to take a family vacation before the younger one turns two.

  1. Your older one will at some point feel insecure about the younger one:

Though how hard you try to keep the feeling of insecurity away from your older one, he/she may at some point ask if the younger one is going to stay forever!

  1. Two kids means double the love and fun:

Nothing is more refreshing than a hug or kiss from your little ones after a tiring day. With two kids you get double the love and caring gestures.

  1. Nothing can be more pleasing to your eyes as the laughter of your kiddos:

All said and done, the joy of seeing your kids laughing and growing together is above all pains and troubles. The sound of your little ones laughing will take away all your tiredness.

Motherhood may be challenging but it also the most wonderful journey in a woman’s life. There will be tough times and even merrier times in bringing up two children. The choice however, is totally yours and remember that whatever decision you take is the correct one for your family.

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