4 Great Benefits of an E-cigarette


An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is a device that provides smokers with a healthier smoking option. The fourth generation e-cigarette has the same length with a conventional cigarette unlike earlier versions, which were too large. If we allow e-cigarette to compete with regular cigarettes, tobacco-related illness and deaths might reduce. The nicotine-emitting device is safer compared to tobacco cigarettes and it is a step to end all nicotine and tobacco use. The cigarette sold by Gadgets & Electronics Retailers such as gearbest.com has become a very quick growing concern on its health benefits versus the side-effects.

Although it contains the taste of tobacco, an e-cigarette does not have harmful toxins such as those found in normal cigarettes. As such, it allows smokers’ cravings to be satisfied without necessarily inhaling the dangerous toxins. Contrary to the normal cigarette smoke, there is no evidence that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes is harmful to bystanders or users. This can be attributed to the fact that it is not the nicotine in cigarettes that causes deaths to users, but other factors. Nicotine only acts as an addictive agent in cigarettes. 

It help quit smoking or reduce the consumption. This is possible with the help of therenewable chamber for nicotine, an atomizer and a battery, which allow the smoker to get hold of the cigarette and smoke it in the same way they would with any other cigarette. It also creates a smoke like a vapor and glows at the tip as the smoker draws just like the conventional cigarettes. The cartridges available in the nicotine chamber in different strengths are very useful as they permit the user cut the amount of nicotine they intake. They can later quit smoking completely if they wish. 

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As an electronic cigarette does not emit real smoke or toxins, it is a healthier option and perfectly legal option to smoke in public. If normal smokers were to substitute normal cigarettes with the electronic cigarette, they would not brave, particularly in the winter, the rain and the freezing cold just for a smoking break as this option will allow them to smoke in their pubs, restaurants or offices. 

Apart from its many health benefits, an e-cigarette is an environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to smoking. A nicotine cartridge will typically last the same period fifteen to twenty cigarettes would last. This creates a great saving to the normal costs. The various cartridge strengths available are no-nicotine, low, medium and standard strengths

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