5 Group Games for Your House Parties

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Having house parties is one of the most relaxing and stressful things altogether. Keeping people entertained once they are drunk can be as difficult as keeping toddlers occupied. Here are some easy games that you can introduce to keep your guests entertained. I wrote an article about three super-fun games that you can have at your house parties. Those work well for groups too. But, I included two of my favorites from it because that has always been a success and a lot of fun when played in groups. Having fun is always the goal!

1. Straight Face

“Straight face” is a game that involves writing funny things on chits and then not laughing or giggling when reading them. Everyone has to write something funny or inappropriate on chits of paper and then everyone picks up a chit. Whatever you write has to be funny or inappropriate enough that the reader can’t read it with a straight face. When you are drunk it is more difficult to keep a straight face. Now, if someone giggles or laughs while reading whatever’s written on their chits then they have to drink.

2. Flip Cup

“Flip cup” is a common game for house parties. You divide into two teams and stand at the opposite ends of the table. You line up glasses of drinks. Everyone has to drink the complete drink and then flip the cup in an upside down position with three fingers. The first team to successfully finish and flip all the cups wins.

3. Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever” is a game that people who have never even had a drink have also heard about. All you have to do is share something that you have never done and the people who have done it have to take a sip of their drink. You have to speak the task with the phrase, for example, “Never have I ever broken the law.” People in the group who have will take a sip of their drink. This is a better upgrade to the “Truth or Dare” game to spill secrets. While this game can be played with just two people, it is fun with a group.

4. Most Likely To

Like “Never have I ever,” this game is also about knowing the people. But, here, instead of everyone spilling their own beans, they spill how much they know how other people would react or what they would choose. Sit in a circle and indulge in ‘most likely’ questions. Everyone in the group then points to the person who they think is most likely to do whatever action is mentioned. The one with the most fingers pointed at them then has to drink up.

5. Buzz

Buzz is a popular game among my friends because it doesn’t need them to get off of the couch. All you have to do is count out loud except when you reach seven and it’s multiples. When you reach seven and it’s multiples while counting you have to say “buzz” instead. The one who fails to do that has to drink up.

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