5 Of The Best Jobs In The World – Are you working hard or hardly working?

Job security and career dreams are clashing thoughts for several. Job benefits are an added bonus to some. Some of us love to work hard and then we worry that we are not gaining anything from it and there are some jobs that do not require much manpower but have you rolling around on a bed of success and returns. Working smart is the trend nowadays and pretty much the same in the near future.

Some of the best jobs in the world-

1. One of the jobs that involves a lot of hard work is that of the Nurse Practitioner, but the unemployment rate and the salary definitely make up for it when you view it from a career perspective. The satisfaction you achieve from serving people who are sick and need your help, and the contribution that you are making to society is another gratifying aspect of the job. These advanced level nurses give a very high level of health care and are highly qualified too. When you learn how to become a nurse practitioner, you will find that this is a job that requires a master’s degree, in addition to the nursing license that is obtained after receiving your undergraduate degree. The employment rate and demand is supposed to increase by 36 to 40 % in the next few years. Nurse Practitioners can get jobs at clinics, hospitals and even as personal care nurses. The salary is around $100,910 and the unemployment rate is just 0.7%.”

2. Technology at our hands all day, here is the software developer who plays a key role to several of our jobs. Coding, a very popular and integral topic has jobs soaring high. The salary being around $100,080 and the unemployment rate just 1.6%, a job that is in between working hard and having it relaxed, one can also opt for work from home if the company offers it. Employment is to increase by 30% by 2026 according to statistics. They require degrees in computer science or other related fields.

3. Tour guides have a tiring but cool routine. Ones who love traveling should actually try out their hand in this. It pays around $52,000 and also comes with some benefits which vary company to company or organizations. All expenses for the travel are usually taken care of by the company itself and a passionate traveler can explore the lands and also impart their learnings to the tourists. A similar job is also the National Geographic Traveler where you get documentaries and research done as well as get your passion of traveling and wildlife, nature and culture fulfilled.

4. Freelance writing can be a shaky job, but for a writer with the creative head, one need not worry a lot. This job allows you to work casually and smartly with breaks and vacations taken as and when you feel like it. It pays around $105,000. Writing can never go wrong. Writers and content are always in demand as words are a part of most jobs and a huge requirement. The words require flair in language which you can get from the best of writers.

5. Now comes one of the coolest jobs of food tasting. Ice cream, restaurants, etc. hire food tasters to evaluate the kind of response they might receive from their consumers and to monitor quality control and adaptation of the food with the human digestive system. An example is the position of the Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru. Less work, lots of fun and a salary of around $40,000 to $200,000 per annum. One of the qualifications required though is degrees related to food sciences.

Here are the coolest and best jobs currently and students have a plethora of options right on their platter. Work hard or work smart, what matters is that you have your right profession.

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