Common Misconceptions on Fake Doctor’s Notes

Doctor note

Can you make a fake printable doctor’s note and make it look real? This is a question many people ask as they would like to try if it could help them. You might have heard people brag how possible it is to print the notes and they are accepted as original. But a lot of the information you get is misconceptions that may land you in trouble if your note is scrutinized and signs of fakeness are discovered.

Here are some of the things you might want to know before you try out making a fake doctor’s note.

●    The note should have no contestable details

The first thing you need to satisfy when you are making a fake doctor’s note is to check that all the details included are not contestable. This includes a bum phone number or using crazy names and addresses that may not exist. Many people assume that when it is fake you can fake everything including information like addresses and phone numbers, and that rarely ends well. What you have to observe is to ensure you stay as close to reality as possible. Check out examples of how you should structure your note on

●    Don’t include obvious giveaways

The most common giveaway people are used to is including dodgy branding. The most important details are in the details including the doctor’s address, or using a name that differs from your own. This is a common problem especially among those who download templates online and proceed to print before they have fine-tuned details. Make sure to scrutinize the details before you proceed to print the note to omit anything that could raise awareness and get you put on the spot.

●  The note must appear authentic

Some people believe no one has the time to scrutinize the note for authenticity, but the truth is that many employers take their time to inspect the details included in the note to see if it reflects the truth. In the hands of a keen person it could be easy to spot details that are not matching, so while designing a fake doctor’s note it’s advisable to ensure you include information that is genuine, and the overall design of the note must reflect authenticity if you don’t want to get into trouble. The fact it’s fake does not mean it has to look fake.

●    Don’t pre-sign the note

Many services online that allow you to edit a fake doctor’s note allow you to pre-sign, which a lot of people assume is the best way to sign the document and append authority. However, it’s always best to ensure the note is physically signed to prevent cases where the note is flagged as fake. If you are caught faking you might be arraigned as a subject of identity theft and fraud, so be discreet while creating a fake doctor’s note.

Presenting a fake doctor’s note is not something that should scare you if you can understand how to obfuscate the truth. You need to make sure the note looks authentic and that all important information is included in a format that confirms it’s genuine. Don’t be tempted to believe no one will have the time to scrutinize the note, because most of the time the note is scanned for all possible signs of falseness.

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