Does Your First Proper Hangover Put You Off Alcohol?

Hangovers are a headache, no pun intended. Who am I kidding? Pun definitely intended!

Bad jokes are a part of being drunk, you find anything and everything funny. So if by any chance you are reading this while even a bit tipsy, then you will have found the first line funny.

drinking cures a hangover

Anyway, from being drunk – to telling your friends that “you are okay” – to passing out is a journey that we have taken often. Sometimes you think that you aren’t feeling the buzz and that makes you keep drinking, and it all comes to all of a sudden.

Result? A lot of puking and passing out. Not exactly the idea of a good time for many. But, I do know people who drink till they puke or pass out or both. While I don’t get the draw to it, I understand the liberating feeling people get.

It is usually a result of being stressed and working your asses off day after day, so when you get the chance to let your hair loose, it is easy to stop giving any hoots and just really let yourself loose.

Not every passing out event is going to turn into a hangover, though. If you puked before you embraced unconsciousness, then chances are that you are going to wake up fine. A bit groggy and a bit tired, but still, fine!

But, there are exceptions of course. Even after puking out, you can still get a mean hangover the next day. That brings me to the question, did your first proper hangover put you off alcohol?

A proper hangover isn’t you feeling tired or having a slight headache or a little body pain, it is a mean headache that makes you feel like your skull might burst at any moment. Many people usually experience it after they have been drunk far too many times.

The first experience can put people off drinking or at the very least from excessive drinking. When discussing this topic, one of my friends said that he used to enjoy drinking very much. He couldn’t stop and didn’t want to stop. He had never experienced a hangover perse.

Then he experienced his one mean hangover, and he realized that it wasn’t worth it. Drinking lost its charm for him. He still drinks but doesn’t see alcohol as a miracle drink.

A friend then told me about his friend in university, she parties like there is no tomorrow. She loves going out for drinks so much, that it resulted in having to be admitted for alcohol poisoning. She couldn’t even claim it on her insurance because then her family would find out. This incident didn’t put her off alcohol though. She might be more careful, but it hasn’t made alcohol lose its charm on her.

I think the experience works differently for everyone. No great insight there. What makes us tip the scale of feelings though is how we usually think of things. Our priorities in life are the driving force when it comes to changed feelings toward alcohol after our first hangover, this is mostly geared toward new drinkers.

Let me know in the comments how your experience was of getting your first hangover and how it made you feel about drinking again and also alcohol in general.

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