Here Are the Finer Things No Truly Refined Man Should Be Without

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Money does not make the man. Refinement does. This truth is borne out every day. There are many celebrities with money but no refinement. They do not live the kinds of lives anyone should want to emulate.

In the Kingsmen movies, there is a saying, Manners maketh man. It’s usually followed by a rather gratuitous amount of violence. But the sentiment is correct all the same. It is not money or any external thing that makes a man. It is the refinement he carries within himself. If one does not have it, one cannot gain it by external means.

Indeed, there are many qualities such as loyalty, generosity, compassion, and wisdom that need to be added to good manners in the making of a man. If you have these attributes in abundance, and also have the kind of money that frees you from economic concerns, there are a few external refinements that can help you complete the package. Here are a few no gentleman should be without:

A Custom Suit

Taking your lady to a classy restaurant in… whatever that is you’re wearing, just won’t do. A bespoke gentleman needs a bespoke suit. You will find many such custom suits in Utah, Colorado, Texas, and other places around the world where custom suits are made.

Trying to get the ideal fit from an off the rack suit is like trying to win the lottery. It wasn’t made for you. Some parts will have a generalized kind of fit. But because every human body is different in a million little details, there are a million different ways an off the rack suit will let you down.

For an ideal fit, you need to be measured and fitted. Once made, further adjustments will need to be done. No one will take you as a person who pays attention to the details if you are wearing indisputable proof that you don’t. Clothes don’t make the man. But they do make the man look presentable.

A Luxury Watch

One of the tricks to feeling more confident is dressing the part. But a suit is incomplete without the right accessories. One of the few pieces of jewelry that are universally appropriate for men to wear in public is a wristwatch. The watch band is sometimes called a bracelet. It is common for the bracelet to be made from fine leather or even a precious metal.

There are a few signs of what makes a luxury watch. Many of those signs come down to a matter of taste. Refinement is largely about demonstrating good taste. It is not just about the mechanical Swiss movement. It is about the artistry and overall package. The purpose of a luxury watch is less to do with what you can tell about the time and more about what you want people to know about you. Second hand luxury watches can boost a man’s confidence and make a good impression to other people without having to spend so much money with brand new ones.

A Reputation for Philanthropy

If you give money to worthy causes in a public way, you will be accused of only giving for a self-serving purpose. And that’s just fine. Because what matters is that you gave money to a worthy cause. Besides making the world a better place for someone in need, you will also inspire others in your income bracket to publicly give to equally worthy causes. They may even want to outdo you for all the wrong reasons. And that’s also just fine.

It is better to develop a reputation for philanthropy than for selfishness and a lack of concern for those less fortunate. Refinement does not allow you to live in a bubble and never interact with the world as it really is. Refinement requires that we rise above our personal circumstances, overcome any traces of racism, classism, and social indifference. Those with the means to make the world a better place have a responsibility to do so.

So by all means, don’t be seen without a bespoke suit, and luxury watch, and all the finer things that accompany the good life. But always keep at the top of your mind that things that truly maketh man.

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