How to Find a Reliable Online Slot Site


Slots remain one of the most popular gambling games to play online. From the classic three-wheeled fruits, the web has made slots evolve to a myriad of choices. Now you can play six wheel or even nine-wheeled slot games without leaving your home. There are so many themes to choose from as well, such as the record-breaking Starburst slots to the obsessive Game of Thrones-themed games.

Because online slot games are so popular, there are literally tens of thousands of casino websites offering various games. But if you know the web, you know that not all of these games are actually legitimate. The danger lies in dubious sites taking subscription money and not paying back winnings. Also, some sites may even distribute malware using software that some users download to play games.

Despite the number of shady sites, there are legitimate sites as well where you can play games safely. Here are several ways to find a secure and reliable online casino to play slots:

Look for Licensing Information

First of all, look for the gaming license information for the site. It should certainly be listed, and if not, avoid the casino. Most casino licenses come from Caribbean countries. What you should look for here is whether online gambling is legal in the country where the site has the license from. Some sites may list countries that you have never heard of. Beware of these. The most common legal gambling licenses come from Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, or Costa Rica. What matters is finding out whether the local legislation actually allows gambling licenses.

Terms and Conditions Protecting Your Information

The online casino must also have a legally binding list of terms and conditions published on the site specifying how the site handles the personal information you provide, such as your credit card number. Check the privacy policy for their data handling practices as well.For example, SlotSino, a British online casino, publishes their terms of conditions as well as responsible gambling information. If you stumble upon a site that isn’t forthcoming about legal conditions in a similar manner, then that should set off red flags.

Software Partnerships

There are so many slots games out there for sure. These games are actually not designed by the casinos themselves, but other gaming developer companies.  If you want to make sure that you are not downloading malware, look for games developed by well known gaming brands. For example, a slot games from Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, or RTG, is generally more reliable and safe than a game developed by a company you have never heard of. These brands test their games for fairness and safety so you know you are not playing something that is rigged.

Digital Encryption

Don’t forget to look for the necessary digital protection when playing games to minimize the risk of a hack or a privacy violation. The web pages where you play the game must be verified secure with HTTPS protocol. Look for other forms of encryption like SSL that protects your personal data while it’s transferred through the internet.

A reliable online casino would also have a robust customer service system. You should be able to contact the site by phone, email, or live chat for any reason and have a response within at least 3 business days. If a site offers none of the above protections and guarantees, then you should not be playing slots there.

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