How to Promote Fitness and Wellness in Older Adults


Older adults frequently need support from others, and we see many older people aging and feeling down in the society we live in. They need a caregiver to help them with their daily activities because they no longer have the same energy. 

The ratio of adults above the age of 65 living without any support is increasing rapidly. In order to live a healthy and independent life, our elders need to be more active physically, occupationally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually. 

Studies suggest that less than 5% of adults engage themselves in daily exercises. Like the rest of us, they also know the importance and benefits of fitness but have zero motivation and encouragement to take part in it. 

To live longer and healthier lives, older patients must understand what can help them to maintain their good health.

Some Ways to Promote Wellness

Several ways help older patients stay fit and healthy and live a quality life in older age.  

  1. Set Manageable Goals 

For the younger generation and adults, we often stress on setting and accomplishing certain goals and objectives. Similarly, goal setting can be helpful for the old age people. When you are goal-oriented you develop a sense of purpose and instills motivation. 

For our elders, we can set small and manageable goals on a daily basis such as taking fruits in the morning, finishing a glass of juice, performing ten stretches, etc. We should acknowledge these little accomplishments because this will encourage them to do more.

  1. Affirming Self-Identity

As individuals, we want to express our needs as well as wants and gain a sense of identity from being valued. Older adults are looking for affirmation from others that build their self-identity and encourage them to communicate their wants to others. Self-identity is linked with well-being.

When we listen and care for them, it helps in uplifting their self-esteem and spirits. For promoting wellness among old age patients, they need to be satisfied and happy with their life.

  1. Encouraging Feeling Of Usefulness  


One of the things we notice among our elders is that they feel that their age has taken their ability to contribute to various activities. They want to feel a sense of usefulness, even if their physical health doesn’t allow it.

By allowing them to participate in conversations, asking their opinions while decision-making, interacting with them as if they are mentors, we can even give them minor tasks for them to be in charge of and create a sense of achievement.  

  1. Getting Enough Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is a must not only for older people but also for younger individuals. The national sleep foundation addresses the fact that people above the age of 65 must sleep for seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep can impact their physical and mental health and well-being.

  1. Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Mark, a lifestyle blogger that fulfills do my assignment request of students, said, “Smoking and alcohol consumption speed up the aging process.” It even reduces the life expectancy rate of people. Getting away from such addictions will not only reduce the risk of lung cancer and mental diseases among older adults but will contribute to better health.

  1. Following A Healthy Diet

Old age, people need fewer fats and calories, but they require more vitamins and nutrients for sustaining good health and well-being. They must eat healthy meals and engage in physical activity that will reduce the chances of developing heart diseases and diabetes.

Best Fitness Exercises for Older Adults

Indulging in regular exercise benefits people of all age groups. And as we get older, the importance of exercise increases. 

For older patients’ well-being, it is emphasized that they must take part in physical activities for active aging. A study in 2017 suggested that physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases and early deaths by 25%. 

To stay fit and active, older adults must engage in physical exercises on a daily basis. Here are some easy exercises that old age people can do.

  1. Water Aerobics

Water aerobics has become a well-known form of exercise among all age groups but specifically to seniors. Working out in water is perfect for those adults that have joint pains or arthritis. Water aerobics puts less stress on joints and enhances flexibility, strength, and balance.

  1. Walking

Another easiest exercise that older adults can easily integrate into their daily lives is walking. Walking can be challenging for some seniors, so steps, speed, and distance differ from one person to another. 

Older adults must go for a walk at least for a good 30 min five times in order to stay fit. It is advised to walk 10000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle, but older adults can also set a smaller walking goal.

  1. Chair Yoga


Low impact exercises can be easily performed by older adults. These exercises help them in improving their mobility, muscles, flexibility, and balance. Chair yoga puts less stress on bones, joints, and muscles and improves mental health as well. 

  1. Resistance Band Exercises 

This kind of exercises is user friendly, and it can ideally be done at home. Resistance bands are flexible strips of rubber that add resistance with less amount of stress on your body. 

  1. Tai Chi 


Tai chi is one of the most prevalent exercises among seniors as it helps them improve their movement. Tai-chi helps the old age people to ease their arthritis pain and improves their memory and functional skills. 

Final thoughts 

Better health and quality life is the right and need of older adults. Due to a decline in health, older people get easily demotivated. But these ways can help adults achieve wellness and fitness.

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