How to Increase Revenue Using Product Attachments on Magento Store

The demands for online stores are ever rising thanks to rapidly changing user expectations and the increasing number of websites willing to cater to those expectations. If you are selling any product or service online, you know that your website should offer a truly superb user experience in order to increase sales. Retaining customers and meeting sales targets online largely depends on how well your website is built. Magento’s product attachment extension aims to improve customer experience on your website, and in turn increase the profitability of your site.

What is a Product Attachment?

When web users download files from a site, these downloads often contain attachments. For example, if you download an antivirus program, the package will include files like a user guide, a Read Me text file, and copyright information documents and so on. Companies that sell digital products often have many documents to attach with downloads that provide users with vital and supplemental information.

Magento does not allow site builders to attach any documents to products by default. If you are an experienced coder, you can manually code the whole thing. However, things can be made really easy with a Magento 2 product attachments extension.

You can easily download a solid Magento product attachment extension online. If you are still pondering about it, here are ways Magento product attachments increase revenue for eCommerce websites:

Benefits of Magento Product Attachment Extensions for Site Revenue

Provide Installation Guides

Even if a customer downloads your digital product, if the installation is difficult you will get a bad review. Customers often rave or rant about how easy a Magento file download extension is to install on their computers. If the installation runs into setback, the entire product review and customer satisfaction levels can suffer, which is not good for retention. Having a Magento product attachment extension on your website will allow you to attach installation guide documents, and thus improve the overall customer experience.

Offer Multi Language Support

The more people you can offer your services to, the more money you can make. Magento product attachment extensions enable multi-language support across websites. You will be able to provide translations, guidelines, and other important documentation for customers whose native language is not English. This is crucial when doing business across borders.

Give Customers Necessary Information

If you include everything there is to know about the product on your website, your site will be cluttered and will not look very appealing. Using a Magento product attachment extension is the best way to provide those documents containing extra information that customers can read at their leisure. This will remove bulk from your site, and also put important information on the hands of the customers. You will be rewarded with great reviews and high satisfaction ratings that translate into better sales in the future.

View Files before Downloading

Some customers are understandably worried about downloading anything off the internet. They might prefer to read the documentation regarding the product in advance. When you use a Magento product attachment extension, the documents you attach can be previewed using Google Document Viewer prior to download. This extra convenience will result in happier customers who are more willing to return and spend money on your site.

The above listed benefits all refer to how your site’s revenue can improve with a Magento product attachment extension. There’s also the convenience these extensions offer to site builders. All in all, you can make more money and be efficient if you get a Magento product attachment extension for your online store or business website.

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