Increasing Tolerance Helps You Step Away From Negativity

Negativity is one of the things that can pull you down and stop you from achieving great things. It doesn’t matter where it stems from, internal as well as external forms are harmful. One thing that contributes to negativity in the world, is the lack of tolerance.

When something clashes with our beliefs and ideologies, we get scared, and so we become intolerant of the very thing. Intolerant ideas are often the products of narrow viewpoints. More exposure to the world lets you learn that there are a lot of different ways of doing stuff, they can be different from yours but they are okay. 


A person who hasn’t had exposure will often carry around a rigid mindset, which makes them unable to accommodate other perspectives. When ideas, aims, and, goals of other people don’t fall in tune with their upbringing, especially those which run counter to them, always make intolerant people feel threatened.

When people surround themselves with a community of people who only share their views and ideologies, critical thinking can suffer. When this happens, they can end up thinking that only their viewpoint is the absolute reality. This is a really harmful mindset to be in. People with this mindset can create a negative environment for themselves and a hostile environment for others.

You can see this in play when it comes to religious and spiritual beliefs. A person of a specific spiritual or religious belief may be against that of another person. This will make them refuse to believe it as equally valid as their own. This often prompts people to resort to hate and negativity and it never ends up in a preferable result.

One of the major intolerance examples we see right now is with the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community. A person who identifies with a particular sexual identity may hate those who live with a completely opposite inclination. This has led to so many hate crimes. 

What do we achieve? Nothing…

For example, A religiously intolerant person might not respect other religions. But, when that person stops to think and invokes critical thinking, then it becomes easier to see that the other person’s way of worship is not so different from them considering that both of them are essentially praying to a divine power for the good of the people they love. 

So, when you start accommodating the viewpoints of other people, when you start respecting opposing ideas, any intolerance you feel will begin dissolving and you will become more forbearing.

This is why being critical of your thoughts helps you observe and accept other people’s views and beliefs. This makes you more tolerant even when someone is living their lives in a completely opposite manner. How others live, what they do, doesn’t usually have much of an impact on yours. Stop letting differences bother you. Learn to be more tolerant, and you will push a lot of negativity out of your life.

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