Payday Shot Recipe: Ingredients, Nutrition, & Instructions

Pay Day always sounds good and it always brings joy and excitement to everybody’s life. A payday shot recipe might sound even better, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like a refreshing day on payday to celebrate all the hard work you do. You can make this payday cocktail easily at home and bring out the bartender in you. 

If you love some glamor and sophistication, this is the perfect drink that you can entertain your guests with this holiday season. We will help you with how to make a payday shot and bring life to any dull party. This payday mixed drink doesn’t require a lot of preparation and is fairly easy to make. 

You can have this PayDay cocktail as a shot which is more fun than having it as a big cocktail. This PayDay shot is delicious and potent enough to bring out the fun side of any party. It is perfect for any kind of party or game day. It has a very distinct flavor and tastes best when shared with friends. 

What is a Payday Shot?

payday shot

A PayDay shot is a fun and glamorous shot made with few tasteful ingredients. It is a champagne-based shot and has a combination of other ingredients that include Viniq Original. Viniq Original gives it a fruity flavor that is refreshing and subtle. The Viniq Original brings the glamor factor to this shot because of this shimmery liquid added to it. 

Payday Shot Recipe

I am sure the description of the PayDay shot has got your taste buds tickling for the PayDay shot recipe. Read along to find the PayDay shot ingredients and the recipe for this fun shot. It is the easiest shot recipe and great for last-minute parties. It does not take more than two minutes to make this delicious PayDay shot that everyone will love. 


You do not require any fancy equipment to make this PayDay shot recipe. Here is what you need:

  • Shaker 
  • Ice 
  • Stirrer 

 Ingredients: What’s in a Payday?

Without further suspense let’s see what are the PayDay ingredients that make this amazing shot. Payday ingredients are easy to source and widely available. Here is the list of ingredients required to make the PayDay shot. 

  • Sweet and Sour –  1 oz
  • Viniq Original – 3 oz 
  • Champagne – 2 oz
  • Triple Sec- 0.5oz 
  • Sprigs of mint 

  Instructions: How to Make a Payday Shot?

As mentioned earlier, the PayDay ingredients are easy to source and the PayDay shot recipe is easier to make. It doesn’t require much preparation and time to make. You can serve it in no time to your guests. 

Here’s how to make a PayDay shot.

  1. Add all the PayDay ingredients to a shaker. 
  2. Add some ice and stir all the ingredients well. 
  3. Strain the drink into a shot glass and add a sprig of mint as garnish. 


For all the people who are watching their weight or are generally enthusiastic about the nutritional value of everything that they consume, here is the nutritional value that this Payday shot has. 

  • Calories – 524 Kcal 
  • Carbohydrates – 55g
  • Proteins – 0.04g
  • Sodium – 2mg
  • Potassium – 58mg 
  • Sugar – 16g
  • Iron – 0.04g

Final Words

Try this Payday shot for your next party and make your guests happy. The PayDay shot recipe is easy to follow and requires no bartending skills whatsoever which are best for people who enjoy serving friends some fun shots. It is a tasty and delicious shot that will bring a fun and glamorous element to your drinks menu. 

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