What You Need to Know About Web Hosting And How it Works

Web hosting

If you are looking to build a website or so fed up with your current web host then you are probably looking for better web hosting services. Web hosting service is typically a type of internet hosting service that allows organizations or individuals to make their websites accessible to the general public via the World Wide Web.

Web hosting can be obtained through a company that has its own servers—this is where websites are hosted. In other words, a hosting service is one of the necessities in getting your website up and running.

This post will discuss everything you need to know about web hosting and how the services work:

Types of Web Hosting

There are multiple types of web hosting in the market today. Each one of them is preferred by their specific customer niches. It all depends on the requirements and needs of the customer. They include:

  1. Dial up Access Hosting

  • This happens to be the most basic type of hosting and access service most customers preferred as it was the first type to be used when web hosting was introduced.
  1. Shared Hosting

  • This is also referred to as mass hosting or virtual hosting. This is where a customer gets to share the server with others who sign up for the same web host. The server and infrastructure are normally owned and managed by the web host.
  1. Dedicated Hosting

  • This on the other hand is where the customer is allowed to have the entire server for his own self. The customer in this case will be in control of all the resources. So you or the web hosting provider can own the server and the hardware.
  1. Reseller Hosting

  • This is where you may sign up for your web hosting services from a company and then resell them under your own preferred brand.
  1. Root Server Hosting

  • This is also referred to as semi-managed hosting. It is quite similar to dedicated hosting only that you get to control your server as you will have access to the root of the server itself.
  1. Collocated Hosting

  • This is the type of web hosting where the hosting provider allows you to place your server at its premises. This type offers high bandwidth and security. The downtime of the server with this type is close to zero and you enjoy great reliability.

How Web Hosting Works

The first thing a customer or developer needs to do is to register the domain name in the respectable web hosting company of choice. MangoMatter highlights some of the top web hosting service providers you can consider.

It is a requirement that a customer provides the data files of a website. After the host provider gathers all the data files, it stores them in servers. The servers can be accessed by the web browsers.

Now that your domain name has an official address, a web browser can type the domain name he wants to access and in turn it will search the IP address of the host provider the name belongs to. When this information is found, the data files will be accessed and displayed to the person browsing the web to use.

With that said, it is vital that you find a web hosting provider that offers you a control panel that’s manageable. This allows you the ability to have proper control over your site. But do not forget that these hosting services can also experience downtimes. You just need to be aware of their frequency when it comes to that. And by considering your requirements and the best hosting company you can afford, you will most definitely find a hosting solution that will suit your website.

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