Wheel of Misfortune, Embarrassing Fails on Live TV

The well-known British game show Wheel of Fortune aired in 1988. Contestants spin a giant wheel to determine their prize for a correct answer in a hangman like quiz.
It all sounds pretty complicated before we start, so with the pressure of the studio lights on top contestants can really make some embarrassing mistakes.
We list the best Wheel of Fortune fails that will make you stick to online casino games, rather than risking putting on an embarrassing display.

Winning Wrongon

Contestant Julian, a student at Indiana University, lost his chance at winning $1 million, as well as a car in 2014. After being presented with the following ‘_N-TH_-SP_T D_C_S__N’ his answer was ‘ON-THE-SPOT DICE SPIN’, ever heard of it? Us neither! The actual answer was of course ‘ON-THE-SPOT DECISION’. Strangely enough, Julian actually went on to win the game.

A Lesser Known 8th Dwarf

Ah, that lesser known 8th dwarf ‘sneeky’ makes an appearance on this game of Wheel of Fortune. I bet she felt pretty dopey after losing all that money.


A very nervous sounding female contestant had drink on the brain during her turn at ‘Wheel of Fortune’, with just two letters left to guess this young woman decided that ‘BOOZING MY SHORE EXCURSION’ made perfect sense and went for it, unfortunately and quite obviously, that isn’t a real thing, much to her disappointment. Her fellow contestant went on to reveal the correct answer, ‘BOOKING MY SHORE EXCURSION’.

Wondering off

There is nothing worse that shouting the wrong answer with such conviction, well this is exactly what happened to this poor couple during their turn on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in 2012. The board was set up and the answer in plain sight, however, although the 3rd word started with a ‘W’ and had a ‘N’ in the middle, it did not stop this guy from guessing ‘SUPERMAN AND SPIDER WOMAN’. Quickly realising his mistake he said ‘Wonder Woman’ but it was too late.

And a Win…

A young man called Emile proved in 2014 that luck really was on his side. After making it to the final of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ he guessed four incorrect letters and with just an N and an E on the board things didn’t look good. Then a gaming miracle happened. Emile spouted a random phrase in a bid to find the correct answer in the ten seconds he had on the clock and the first one he said just happened to be correct, ‘NEW BABY BUGGY’.

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