How to Win at Three Card Poker Strategy

three card poker

If you like your online casino games fast paced, it’s probably time you tried your hand at three card poker. The name of the game is to create the best poker hand possible, but with three cards only. Sound like your kind of challenge? Today, we’re providing some tips on how to win when playing games like Caesars Casino 3 card poker

Learn the rules

Although not impossibly tricky, 3 card poker is effectively two poker games in one. You need to make sure you understand the rules so you know how to win. You’ll be playing both Ante & Play and Pair Plus each time – make sure you understand them both. While you will have the option to play one game at a time, playing both games at once allows you to hedge your bets and keep losses to a minimum.

Apply basic 3 card strategy

While playing the same strategy every single time can get very dull, it’s important to understand the basic strategies, so that you know how you’re most likely to win. This grasp of the basics provides the foundation you need to get started. Combine hunches and inklings with knowledge of the game and you’ll be on to a winner.

Knowing when to raise an ante bet

As a general rule, try only raising your ante bet when you’re dealt a Queen, a six and a four or on any other higher valued hand. Fold all hands with a lower value.

Check what’s at stake

When playing 3-card poker online the stakes are often set to their highest level. You should always check these before playing so you know what level you’re playing at and what you stand to lose. Always set chip values and stake levels according to your own preference. You’ll also need to have enough cash in reserve when you play. If you don’t, and you play the ante wager option, you can end up losing the ante wager on a winning hand!

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