Why Women Love Jockeys

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The world of horse racing is an interesting one. With beautiful horses, high-speed sprinting and crazy money to be won, it’s a sport like no other. But unlike other professional athletes, horse jockeys don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Despite that, the women who do know their stallions flock to the sides of these supposedly tiny, but very passionate men. You’d think that their size alone would be the turn off for women right there, but these girls obviously know better. Here are a few reasons why women love jockeys.

Jockeys Are Disciplined

Why Women Love Jockeys - Disciplined

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The pro athletes of the various sports played around the world have to be disciplined. Pro athlete jockeys in particular have to be extra vigilant in their training to do what they do. Considering the amount of labor they put into their jobs, it’s too bad they don’t get the payouts that they deserve. Even with all their hard work, these poor guys aren’t allowed to bet on the races, regardless of whether they themselves are on the back of a horse that day. Knowing how much money is to be made, but competing purely for the love of the sport is quite admirable. What’s hotter than a man who can hold back when necessary and go all out when the time’s right?

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