Why Women Love Jockeys

The world of horse racing is an interesting one. With beautiful horses, high-speed sprinting and crazy money to be won, it’s a sport like no other. But unlike other professional athletes, horse jockeys don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Despite that, the women who do know their stallions flock to the sides of these supposedly tiny, but very passionate men. You’d think that their size alone would be the turn off for women right there, but these girls obviously know better. Here are a few reasons why women love jockeys.

Jockeys Are Disciplined

Why Women Love Jockeys - Disciplined

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The pro athletes of the various sports played around the world have to be disciplined. Pro athlete jockeys in particular have to be extra vigilant in their training to do what they do. Considering the amount of labor they put into their jobs, it’s too bad they don’t get the payouts that they deserve. Even with all their hard work, these poor guys aren’t allowed to bet on the races, regardless of whether they themselves are on the back of a horse that day. Knowing how much money is to be made, but competing purely for the love of the sport is quite admirable. What’s hotter than a man who can hold back when necessary and go all out when the time’s right?

Jockeys Are Kind To Animals

Why Women Love Jockeys - Kind To Animals

Considering that jockeys spend almost all day on the back of their equine friend, they can’t do anything but love them, right? Since their entire success hangs hugely on the powerful mustang between their legs – and I’m talking about the actual animal – then these jockeys obviously have to have kind hearts towards their mammalian counterpart. If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then a way to a woman’s heart is by showing her compassion. How many women do you know that won’t swoon over the sight of a man being sweet to his knightly steed? Well, it’s either that or she could also assume that the dude’s an actual prince.

Jockeys Are Athletic

Why Women Love Jockeys - Athletic

Don’t let their petite height and trim frame turn you off. Jockeys probably train harder than any other athlete out there. And although there is no height restriction, there is one for weight. Most jockeys can be no more than 126 pounds, and that’s with all the clothing and equipment they’re allowed to use. No wonder women love these men. Not only are they stricter with their own diets, they won’t scrutinize their women for choosing to eat a salad rather than a steak.

Jockeys Live On The Edge

Why Women Love Jockeys - Live On The Edge

It takes skill to be able to maneuver a beast of approximately 1000 pounds while teetering precariously on top of it. Even more so when you’re trying to keep your balance while taking turns at 40 miles per hour. Good thing that jockeys are major thrill seekers because most women definitely love pleasure seeking.  And if there’s anything to be said for a man who can handle that much power between his legs, then there are surely a lot of women who would be willing to try them out.

Fashion Is Their Friend

Why Women Love Jockeys - Fashion Is Their Friend

The racing tops, the boots and the riding breeches all scream Ralph Lauren, although the crazy colors most jockeys wear do leave something to be desired. The good thing about this is that, obviously, these men don’t mind being adventurous when it comes to clothing. And what woman doesn’t love having a real live Ken doll to play with?

Jockeys Can Make A Lot Of Money

Why Women Love Jockeys - Make A Lot Of Money

Although it’s noted that many horse jockeys don’t earn that much money, there are those that get paid as much as two million dollars in rewards. Even if it costs huge amounts of money to care, feed, breed and train their horses, there’s even more money that can be made if they win. Even if a girl tells you that money doesn’t matter, when she’s barefoot and pregnant with her third child, sleep deprived and pulling her hair out from stress, the money will surely make a huge difference.

Horse Racing Is A Man’s Sport

Why Women Love Jockeys - Horse Racing Is A Man’s Sport

You’d think that with the weight restrictions necessary for professional horse racing there would be more female jockeys, but that’s just not the case. Probably due to the fact that the sport itself is so high risk, men are the ones more up for the job. And what’s sexier than having a profession that shouts testosterone as much as this one? Nothing gets women friskier than being surrounded by a bunch of sweaty, muscled men – even if many of the boys are shorter than girls.

So the next time you find yourself being invited to watch the races, get ready for the ride of your life. Whether it’s from watching the magnificent stags galloping along the track or from the thrill of the win, one thing’s for sure – Jockeys are much more than the munchkin-sized men they look like. With the prestige that comes along with the sport, getting to travel around the world and all the pretty pennies to be won, what’s not to love?

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