15 Great Ways To Sneak Booze Into a Football Stadium

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Half the fun of watching a football game is trying to figure out how to get your drink on. Even if you try to booze up from morning until game time, once half time hits, you’ll presumably be sober again, which pretty much sucks. Plus, you’ll most likely be left with horrible alcohol breath and a massive headache in the end. FUN! To ensure that this doesn’t happen, here are a few tried and tested ways to sneak alcohol into a football game:

1. Duct-tape Flask to Body

Duct-tape Flask to Body

Flasks are probably the easiest tool you can use to sneak in your booze. Not to mention that taping it close to the family jewels will make it less likely to be found. Plus you can be sure security doesn’t get paid half as much as your urologist. And unless they swing that way, I highly doubt they’ll want to go anywhere near your goods. So tape away! You might want to shave first though, unless you want to get a very unpleasant “wax” at the same time.

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