How to Keep Track of What You Are Drinking

If you are going to a party and are not planning on getting super drunk then one of the best ways to do is to hold yourself accountable for the amount of alcohol you intake. If you have been trying to cut back on alcohol or are just not in the mood for it because you have to work early the next day or you leave far and commuting will be a pain – any reason really – then why not set a limit for what you’re going to drink before you go out?

Setting a limit and then keeping to it is the key here. You can’t set a limit and not follow it. Keep a mental note of what you have as the night wears on so you stick to it or if you have a buddy you are going to be sticking around with then use them as a drink counter – works for me.

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Not only you can keep track of the drinks, there are a number of apps available to help you track the number of units and calories in different types and brands of drinks – and stick to the low-risk alcohol unit guidelines of no more than set 14 units per week for both and women, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

Here are some ways to keep short term risks from single occasion excessive drinking as low as possible:

  • Limit the total amount of alcohol that you drink on any one occasion – according to NIAAA, 4 drinks in a single day for men and 3 drinks in a single day for women is the amount of low-risk alcohol consumption. So, use this as a guide for every occasion. 
  • Drink slowly – Sipping your drinks instead of chugging them will make your drinks last longer and will negate the need to keep on getting more and more drinks. Not only that, you can alternate your drinks with water and drink with food so that you can spread out your drinks and not get drunk immediately.
  • Avoid risky places and activities – Being with people you know and trust is the best way to know that you will be able to reach home safely with not more drink in you than you can handle. People who do not understand your boundaries should be kept at a distance. Even after you keep refusing and stating why you can’t if you are pushed then it is a good time to leave and also limit your time with people like that in future.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a track of what you drink and how much you drink is essential for responsible drinking. Already setting a limit before you head out will help you not get drunk enough to have a hangover the next day. It is a great way to enjoy your evening and still be able to work the day after. Not feeling regrets for the time you enjoy yourself is always a win in my book.

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