5 Low Alcohol Wine Gifting Choices for Non-Frequent Drinkers

5 Low Alcohol Wine Gifting Choices for Non-Frequent Drinkers

When it comes to alcohol, it is a personal choice situation. Some people like to hit it off with hard liquor and cherish the buzz and drink for prolonged periods with the low alcoholic beverages. For non-frequent drinkers who pick up a drink every few weeks, it isn’t a surprise that the last thing they want is to become high or drunk with a few sips.

So, if you consider giving someone like that a bottle of wine, the following are some of the best alcohol gifts to look into.

1. Brut Wine

If you want to give someone a luxurious option, the French Brut Wine is a pretty great option. This is one of the few wine options that has sugar added to it, albeit in smaller quantities. It is a kind of sparkling wine with a very fresh aftertaste. It has 12% ABV (alcohol by volume), which will not get you drunk after a few glasses. They are perfect for daytime parties and pair well with several dishes, thanks to the sharp taste.

2. Moscato d’Asti

As difficult to pronounce, Moscato d’Asti is a very popular wine option among Italians. This is a sparkling Italian wine with a mere 5.5% ABV. So, it isn’t surprising that they make amazing gift options for non-frequent drinkers. Not just with food, they compliment picnic spreads, too, if that is something you are opting for.

3. Prosecco

While we are on the subject of Italian wines, there is no way we could miss out on Prosecco. This contains 12% ABV and is one of the few affordable wine bottles that won’t break your bank account. They are also very easily accessible and are a common type everyone is familiar with. This makes this wine a public favorite and makes for an ideal gifting choice.

4. French Gamay

Although quite heavy on the pocket and very luxurious, we knew we had to include the French Gamay in the list. It originates from Beaujolais, France, and is a popular red wine in the local area. However, the uniqueness of this wine is in its taste and flavor profile. It isn’t your staple and sharp red wine. Instead, it has distinct floral notes and has 10-12% ABV.

5. Pinot Noir

Last on the list is Pinot Noir, another popular and staple red wine that packs in a lot of punch. The wine is quite popular among non-frequent drinkers, especially because of the low 11% ABV. If you are gifting it to someone who lives in colder countries, this is the perfect warming gift to look into.


All of these wine choices are staples to your gifting options. We’d recommend that you look into all of these amazing options, especially if you give them to someone who doesn’t enjoy heavy alcohol-based drinks. These are perfect tokens and won’t leave people with their heads spinning with just a few sips. They make for great accompaniments to food and are great conversation starters too.

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