Top 6 Foods to Avoid Hangovers

We’ve all been there — a wild party night where you feel so alive, and a dreadful hangover the next morning where you feel so dead. There has to be a way to get out of the loop; to have fun on a Saturday night without the entire Sunday spent trying to recover from it. And as we’re getting older, we can’t keep partying like college frat boys. Eating the right foods can protect the body from the toll that alcohol takes on it. 

We’ve all heard the age-old advice to never drink on an empty stomach. However, it’s also common knowledge (and common experience) that you get drunk much easier without eating. Well, if it’s the hangover you’re trying to avoid, the first philosophy is much more valuable to follow. 

Another nug of advice that’s worth keeping in mind: lots of nutrition sources often warn about the liquid calories present in beer and sugary cocktails, which can cause you to want to lay off the solid calories as well. But even though sugary cocktails and greasy pizza have much more calories than vodka soda and cucumber sticks: the former is actually better for your stomach lining and kidneys. So, leave the diets behind when you’re going out clubbing!



Bananas are truly a wonder fruit. They’re great for pre-workout, post-workout snacks and ease period cramps. In the case of hangovers, bananas really work wonders. Alcohol is notorious for making your body lose electrolytes like potassium – and bananas are especially abundant in potassium.


Getting a good dose of a healthy and easily digestible protein source like eggs will make you feel satiated and full for a long time, so you don’t reach out for those salty barnuts. The protein will also slow down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream. 


Chomping on some roasted almonds are a delicious and nutty snack while you’re drinking, and will also fuel your body with magnesium. However, almonds alone will not be a heavy enough meal. Eat about a quarter of a cup of almonds along with some greek yogurt and a banana for a power-packed nutrition meal. 


This buttery fruit isn’t just perfect for cute brunch cafes, but also for a wholesome fats that will protect your precious stomach lining. And while any source of fats are powerful when it comes to fighting the harsh effects of alcohol, healthy avocados vs. dripping bacon grease will have a huge difference in how you feel after eating it.

Greek Yogurt

The combined dose of protein and carbs from Greek yogurt will do an amazing job at leveling your blood sugar. Pair it with a banana and some almonds and your stomach will be well-protected from those never-ending shots. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This may come as a surprise, but EVOO is an incredible source of healthy fats and will quite literally lube up your stomach for what’s about to enter it. In fact, it’s a Mediterranean tradition to take a full shot of Olive Oil before you take the Hard liquor shots. Now whether they just really love olive oil or know how to drink is up for you to decide: but the stuff works wonders. 

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