Where to spend Saturday night in Zurich?

Do you wish to have some rest at the end of a busy week? Then, you should know about destinations where you can spend a Saturday night out. You’re lucky if you chose Zurich because there are few European cities that might offer such a great selection of nightlife destinations. We know about several decent locations that suit people who like different activities. Discover them with us and have fun on your weekend!

  • Opernhaus Zurich – This opera house is the best place to visit on weekends if you enjoy opera and ballet of the highest quality. Opernhaus has been considered one of the major cultural destinations in Switzerland since the date of its foundation in 1891. Find out whether there are some events scheduled for the upcoming Saturday, you won’t regret having this experience.
  • Jazz Club Moods – If you don’t enjoy classic arts and want to spend your Saturday in a more entertaining place, consider visiting Moods. This is the most famous jazz venue in the city. Unlike the majority of clubs in Zurich, Moods gained an international reputation among tourists. That’s why it’s often visited even by people who aren’t fans of jazz music but just want to explore some new interesting places in Zurich.
  • Thermalbad & Spa – If you want to have a real relaxation Saturday, what can be a better option than Thermalbad & Spa? Except for complete relaxation in the huge wooden water-filled tubs of the old brewery, you can enjoy astonishing views of Zurich from the pool on the rooftop. You deserve such a weekend but make sure to arrive early on Saturday to have the possibility to enjoy the best services. This place is a really popular venue and it quickly gets crowded on Saturdays.
  • Explore the best bars in Zurich – Zurich is a small city, so it’s not very difficult to explore its best cocktail bars. They offer nice drinks and high-quality services. Besides, some bars work as nightclubs, so you can have a very enjoyable night out there.

Saturday night in Willow Yard pub

Zurich is an amazing city where you can visit a new interesting venue every Saturday. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a true Irish pub. Willow Yard isn’t just a place to have some drinks and watch sports in an engaging atmosphere. Willow Yard is where you can enjoy authentic Irish culture, and taste the best beers, ciders, wines, gins, stouts, whiskeys, and more interesting offers, especially the ones available during special events. This place is an Irish restaurant, sports and music venue altogether.

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