A Bunch of Drunk People Passed Out on Halloween

It’s easy to get drunk. All you need is a good party and lots of booze. However, just don’t be surprised to meet judgment from the self-righteous individuals the very next day. These are people who think that getting drunk is never an excuse. Well, they may have a point. Still, you gotta let loose every so often. Just pick your battles carefully because getting sloshed ain’t a pretty sight. If you don’t want to wake up with regrets the very next day, then go for Halloween. This is one of the few times when getting drunk isn’t only accepted – it’s encouraged. After all, you’re in this beautiful costume and you’ve loosened up. Not only does everyone look stupid, but those candies just taste better with a glass of wine or a few shots of tequila.

Ready your liver during Halloween because you don’t want it groaning the very next day. Pick a costume and stop counting your drinks. You obviously shouldn’t drive yourself home as well. Assign a designated driver. And if you plan to pass out, see to it that your friends don’t have the means to present the evidence via social media. If your buds are the kind of people who find joy in your humiliation, then you better take it slow. Or better yet, find a new set of friends. Just take a look at the pictures below. These people obviously don’t hang out with ideal individuals. They’ve passed out from the insane amount of alcohol in their bodies, and we’re still wondering how they are today because these stills found their way to the internet. How much would you wanna bet that the next time they wear these costumes it’ll be too soon?

1: Typical Garfield

Drunk People Passed Out on Halloween - Typical Garfield

If you know Garfield, then you know just how much he loves lasagna. Apparently, we didn’t realize that he enjoyed alcohol more than the famed pasta. Just take a look at our resident feline wasted on the ground. It looks as if he can’t even get himself up. Maybe he’s just taking a power nap so he can have a go at another round. Or, will he even wake up at all?

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