Two-Ingredient Cocktails

Making cocktails could be a very daunting task, a lot of cocktails need a lot of math and skill. You mess up the ratio and the drink is ruined. For someone who likes drinking and likes making cocktails you should start with doing cocktails that don’t need a lot of ingredients and commitment to the craft. Here we have a couple of cocktails that just need two ingredients and can be made easily, some of them are originals and some of them are commercially well known. So strap on.

1. Mimosa 

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Mimosas are a great brunch drink, all you need for this drink is orange juice and sparkling wine. It is a fruity drink that is ideal for day drinking. It is one of the simplest drinks that you can’t go wrong with. It is also a great drink for a sundowner, if you have a good alcohol tolerance then you can really enjoy this drink since it tastes and smells so good. There is a reason why this cocktail has made it to the top of our list.

2. Bellini

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This too bears some similarities to our first drink, but I promise you it is way more delicious than any drink on our list. A Bellini is just peach and sparkling white wine of your choice or champagne. This too is an ideal day drink but it also works great as a wonderful evening cocktail. Don’t let the class and elegance of this drink fool you, it will get you to drink very hard and very fast. Try to go for a good bottle of wine/champagne, it will taste amazing if you just spend the right amount of money on it. 

3. Runch- Mixed fruit juice and rum

Runch- Mixed fruit juice and rum
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This is a great drink if you don’t like the taste of your alcohol, a runch is basically just mixed fruit juice and your choice of rum since rum is not rich alcohol you can use either the dark rum for this or white. However make sure that the mixed fruit juice is of good quality, it will taste much better if the juice is fresh. This is a great drink for all types of people and parties.

4. Jamie

From this point on we are going to do originals, a Jamie is basically Jameson whiskey with ginger ale. This is a fizzy drink that brings out the best of the hard drink. Jameson happens to go quite well with ginger ale. You will be surprised how well it is, it is one of those drinks that surprises you with how good the marriage of the two ingredients is. A Jamie is a classic and is easily made, also one of the drinks you can drink anywhere, apt for most events.

5. Camp

This is a personal homage to Camp culture, the drink is just Campari and tonic so the color of this drink is a bubbly red and it is made in a highball glass, put 60ml Campari over ice and top it with tonic water. It looks as pretty as it tastes hence the name camp, it is an aesthetically pleasing drink that can be made quite easily. 

6. Moderation

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Another original, the name is sort of an ironic spin on what this cocktail seeks to do, it has Coffee Tequila with your choice of spritz you can choose from- soda/sparkling wine/Tonic. In my opinion, sparkling wine works the best with one, make sure you buy a good quality sparkling wine if you must, otherwise you can just go with tonic or soda. This is a great drink for an evening event.

7. Lana

A personal homage to the alternate queen Lana del Rey this drink tastes like her music, Lana has Malibu Coconut liquor with sprite. It is supposed to be had in a martini or a normal cocktail glass. If you don’t like the taste of alcohol and only like its aftermath then this is the drink for you. It is a beach kinda drink but an ideal one for a sundowner too. This is also a great drink for people who already have a soft spot for a pina colada, it is from the same family. Easy to make and easier to drink as well.

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