10 Best Outdoor Drinking Games For Adults To Play Any Season

Nothing beats getting together with friends outside, drinking a few beers, and having a good time. However, the environment isn’t always as enticing as it may be. Nothing gets the party started as an excellent drinking game in these situations. They’re an excellent method to get everyone involved and interacting.

In this post, you will find a few outdoor drinking games that can immediately spice up your time with pals. Let’s get started!

The 10 Best Outdoor Drinking Games

outdoor drinking games

Here are some of the fun drinking games that you can play outdoors:

Beersbee: Fun Outside Drinking Game

Beersbee is a game played with a minimum of two persons. Bottle Bash may be purchased online through Beersbee, and be sure to read the complete Beersbee drinking laws.

To play, each team receives one pole and places it about 36 feet apart. As this is an outdoor drinking game, you should have two empty beer bottles on each pole and a beer in each hand. Each team is given a Frisbee, and the purpose of Beersbee is to hurl the Frisbee and knock the beer over the goalposts of the other team.

Beer Pong 

Beer pong is an OG drinking game. Because of the possibility of spilled drinks and overall crowd enthusiasm, you eventually find out that playing it outside is preferable to playing it in your cramped living room where ping pong balls can fly. Outside is the finest spot to play Beer Pong.

The goal of beer pong is to get the ping pong ball into all of the opposing team’s cups. Aim for the opposing team’s cups; they must drink if your ball lands in one. Following each shot, the cup is removed from the table. They should have downed a whole beer if you landed your ping pong ball in their cups. The more cups removed, the more difficult it is to aim at the cups. The more beer you drink, the better.

You may either aim for the beer or the pole, which will get you points. If the team breaks your beer bottle, you get two drinks; you get one if they break the bar.

The one who lands the ball in all of the cups first wins. You can effortlessly shoot your ping pong ball with a drink in your hand. But don’t drink too much extra; wait for your buddy to sink a ball before taking a sip; else, your game could require two beers! Beer Pong may be purchased online.

Flip Cup

Flip cup takes only a set of red solo cups and a minimum of six players. To play, divide six players into two teams of three or as many individuals as a desire to play. On one side of the table, each team stands. Place your cup on the table with the open-top facing down. You want to suspend the cup about halfway off the table but not so far off that it falls off.

The aim is to get your cup to stand up on its own from its downward position. Start by “flipping” the cup off the table with one finger from underneath. Flick the cup so that it stands up on its own. Each team’s first player is onto the field when the game begins. After that person has turned their cup over, the next player on their team can take over. The first team to flip their cup over with all of its players wins.

Although this does not appear to be a drinking game, there is one important guideline to follow. First, fill the cup halfway with beer or other beverage of your choosing, and each participant chugs the cup.


Stump is a game that takes hammering to the next level. This game requires a tree stump, so it’ll be best if you already have one around you.

To play, pound a nail into the stump for each participant taking part. Only hammer it in until it is secure and sticks out about 2 cm. You must toss and catch the hammer, then hammer a nail into the stump as soon as you see it. The individual who has their nail hammered must drink something.

Traditional (1 point), under the leg (2 points), and behind-the-back throws are the three sorts of throwing techniques (3 points). Play until all but one nail is removed.

We created a complete set of instructions for playing the stump drinking game. There have been attempts to fund this game on Kickstarter, but they have failed. Therefore, you will be responsible for transporting your stump for the time being.

Dizzy Bat

The term Dizzy Bat comes from the fact that it will make you inebriated and dizzy. However, based on what we’ve read, this game appears to be fun. This game does not have any score or competition, but it does present a challenge to complete.

Take a Wiffle ball, cut the end off, then punch a 4-inch hole in the bat. Pour beer into the wiffle bat.

To begin, drink every last drop of beer off the Wiffle bat. Spin it around ten times once you’ve touched the ground with the Wiffle bat. You have 3 seconds to steady yourself before the pitcher delivers the beer can at you, which you must hit with the bat.

If you fail the first time, try again.

High Noon

This game takes two players and no setup. All you need is two enthusiastic drinkers and some beer. Simply stand ten paces apart, gulp your beer, and repeat. Turn around and start throwing your drink at each other.

The player who makes contact first wins. So you may win this game by being the fastest drinker or the best aimer.

Giant Jenga Drinking Game

They are combining the fun of giant-sized games with the classic game of Jenga to create this fun drinking game. With this free intoxicated Jenga printable, you can build a straightforward DIY project. Setup and instructions for the Jenga Drinking Game may be found here.

The game is similar to conventional Jenga, except you must finish the action while placing a cube on top of the tower. There are humorous rules like Young Buck drinks, Slap that Ass, Sibling love, British accent, and many more!

Sumo Outdoor Drinking Game

Two players confront each other on the ground like sumo wrestlers with a shoe between them in this outdoor drinking game. When the host says “knees,” “head,” or “feet,” both players must touch those areas of their body.

 It’s a race to respond first and retrieve the shoe off the ground when the emcee yells “shoe.” The person who clutches the sneaker first gets a drink. Anyone who fails must drink three sips of their beverage. 

When the host says “knees,” “head,” or “feet,” whoever goes for the shoe drinks, you must be quick to obtain the shoe first. 

After each round, participants on one side might move to the right to keep things interesting, giving you a new opponent.

The two from each row with the minor victories are eliminated. Some people will become faster as they consume more alcohol, while others will grow slower. Only the quickest one gets to win!

As the game develops more fierce and passionate, watching people battle for the shoe will be funny.


This is the drinking game for you if you enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. Players must pitch a frisbee 50 feet across a “court” into the slot of the other team’s can in Kanjam. If you get the frisbee into the slot, you receive three points, two points if you hit the can straight and one point if the frisbee dings the can. You’ll have a long afternoon if you add a drink for every total miss and a drink for every deflection.


Dodge Beer is an active drinking game that mixes the thrill of dodgeball with the enjoyment of beer pong. You can play with four to eight friends, and then all you’ll need are the rules!

The players take turns tossing the ping pong ball towards the beer cans of the other team. If you collide with one of the opposition team’s beer cans, you start chugging until the player whose can was struck retrieves the ball and sets it on top of their beverage.

Teammates can assist one another by retrieving the ball and throwing it to the individual who was struck. Teams take turns tossing the ping pong ball towards the cans of the opposite team.

(For example, Team A has Player 1, Team B has Player 1, Team A has Player 2, etc.)

You are “out of the game” and unable to participate once your drink has been consumed. Your team must continue without you, but the opposing team now has one fewer beer can to hit. Whoever finishes their beer first is the winning team.


We hope you liked the above list of games that can be played outdoors or in your yard. 

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