25 Drunk Jenga Ideas For Blocks Try Next Time

Have you ever played drunk Jenga? I bet not. There are many people who know about drunk Jenga but have not yet played it. It is a lot more fun than normal Jenga. To make your parties more fun, we have 25 drunk Jenga ideas for block that you can try. 

Drunk Jenga is not any different than the regular game of Jenga. The rules of the game remain more or less the same where you have to remove one block of Jenga at a time without letting the whole topple. But with the Jenga drinking game, you can add some fun twisted rules to the game and make it more exciting and challenging. 

Drinking Jenga ideas are plenty and you can make your own game around the drunk Jenga blocks with your creativity. You and your friends can add quirky and funny tasks or phrases on the Jenga blocks. Like a simple ‘take a sip’ or draw a nose suggesting it is a game of ‘nose goes’ that will persuade the drawer to take a sip or have a shot. 

There are various Jenga drinking game block ideas that you can try out to entertain your friends and family for your next party. You only need to invest in new blank Jenga blocks and write fun phrases on them. We have some fun Jenga drinking game block ideas for you. Take inspiration and have a blast. 

Drunk Jenga Ideas For Blocks

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Here are some fun Jenga drinking game block ideas that you can use to create a fun game of drunk Jenga. Use these rules and break the rules of Jenga! 

1. Take ___ (number of) Sips 

One of the simplest Jenga drinking game ideas is writing ‘take ___ (number of your choice) sips’ on a blank Jenga block. As the drawer pulls this block out, he or she has to take one or many sips of their drink. 

2. Chug for ___ seconds 

This one is one of the many fun drunk Jenga block ideas where you write ‘ chug for ___ seconds’.

3. Give ___ (number of) Sips

Other fun Jenga drinking game block ideas include writing, ‘Give ___ (number of) Sips on the Jenga block. This is fun as many people do not want to drink themselves but want others to drink.

4. Bottoms Up 

You can also write ‘Bottoms Up’ on the Jenga block and the drawer has to finish his or her drink in one go. These drunk Jenga ideas are great for any party to get started. 

5. Lobster 

This is a fun drunk Jenga idea, write ‘Lobster’ on the block. Why Lobster? Lobsters are known for mating throughout their lives. Likewise, the person drawing this block has to pick a ‘mate’ or partner for the whole duration of the game and when you drink, they have to drink with you and vice versa. 

6. Never have I ever 

This is played as you would normally play Never have I ever. 

7. Waterfall 

This is surely one of the most fun drunk Jenga ideas, where the drawer of ‘waterfall’ starts drinking and everyone follows but you can’t stop drinking until the person before you stops that will happen only when the person who started the waterfall stops. 

8. Reverse 

The direction of the game reverses with this block. 

9. Pterodactyl 

Everybody has to say the word ‘Pterodactyl’ without showing their teeth and if anyone does, they have to drink. This is one of the most challenging yet fun drunk Jenga ideas. 

 10. One Hand 

The drawer of this block can use only one hand for the rest of the game. 

 11. Staring contest 

The drawer has to fight a staring contest. Win or lose, has to still drink! 

 12. Marco Polo 

The drawer of this block has to yell ‘Marco’ and everybody else yells ’Polo’. The last one to yell ‘Polo’ has to drink. 

13. The person in front of me has to finish their drink 

 14. Truth or Dare 

Anybody can ask the truth or dare the drawer to do something. 

15. Take a shot! 

Add only a few per game. 

 16. Old Fart 

The oldest person in the group has to drink. 

17. Rhyme it 

The drawer of this block has to say a word and everybody else has to rhyme a word with it. The person who has no rhyming word has to drink. 

 18. Talk with an accent of your choice 

19.  Nose Goes 

When this block is drawn, everyone has to touch their noses and the last one to do so has to drink. 

 20. All Blondes

With this block, all blondes or people with any color of hair have to drink.  

 21. Singles drink 

 22. Touch a wall 

Everybody has to touch a wall, the last person to do so has to drink. 

23. Test of Sobriety 

The drawer must walk in a straight line, if he/she is successful they have to drink. 

24. Everyone drinks

25. Cat / Dog People drink 

All cat or dog owners have to drink when this block is drawn. 

Final Words 

Try out these 25 drunk Jenga ideas for your next party and have a blast. 

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