3 Super Fun Drinking Games For House Parties

If you are hosting a house party for your friends, then I present to you some of my personal favorite games that have never failed me. These games are always fun no matter how many times you have played them. From spilling secrets to getting to know what someone thinks of another person to playing awkward games, these games have them all.

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They are fun games to get drunk while getting to know your friends and build a bond with them while also having the time of your lives. I swear by these games, but then again I have fun friends, so anything is enjoyable with them.

1. Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever” is a classic game that people who have never even had a drink have also heard about. The chances are that you know the rules, but if you don’t, then don’t worry. I will tell you how to get your friends to spill all their secrets and also get drunk doing so.

All you have to do is share something that you have never done and the people who have done it have to take a sip of their drink. You have to speak the task with the phrase, for example, “Never have I ever broken the law.” People in the group who have will take a sip of their drink. This is a better upgrade to the “Truth or Dare” game to spill secrets.

2. Most Likely

Like “Never have I ever,” this game is also about knowing the people. But, here, instead of everyone spilling their own beans, they spill how much they know how other people would react or what they would choose.

Sit in a circle and indulge indulge in ‘most likely’ questions. For example, “Who is most likely to kiss a clown?” Everyone in the group then points to the person who they think is most likely to do whatever’s said. The one with the most fingers pointed at them then has to take a sip of their drink.

3. Attached At The Hip

This is the perfect game to play if you want to have a fun icebreaker at your party or if all of you are friends. People form pairs, and then they have to pick up the chits. All the chits have a body part written on them.

The pair has to make sure that the body parts mentioned in their chits are touching. For example, if one person gets ‘ear,’ and another gets ‘nose,’ then their ear and nose are to be ‘attached.’ Every time someone separates, they are to take a shot. A smart way to get close to your crush. Wink wink.

While drinking games are fun. I want to take a moment to remind you that being safe is more important. So, if someone doesn’t want to play a game then don’t force them to. Especially a game like “attached at the hip,” not everyone will be comfortable with a game that requires you to be at close proximity with others. The goal here is to have fun but not at the expense of someone else. Other than that, go crazy with the games and the drinks! Cheers!

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