13 Fictional Characters We’d Love To Drink a Beer With

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We’ve all had that dream where we’re sitting at some bar having a cocktail with a character from a well-loved novel or movie. The dream feels so real, that it could have almost been true. Except in reality, you couldn’t really have had that Cuba Libre with Holden Caulfield, right? No matter how much you both agree that the adult world sucks. And even if you wake up with a hangover from hell, you’ll soon realize that you were the crazy nut sitting alone at the bar talking to yourself. If only hallucinations could turn into truth, here are 13 fictional characters we’d love to drink a beer with.


Fictional Characters We'd Love To Drink a Beer With - Superman

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cold one with Superman? I mean, the guy’s obviously got some serious skills. He may not exactly be your best wingman considering that undoubtedly every girl at the bar would really rather sleep with him than you. I mean, that’s just a given. But the fact that you can hang out with him and ask about all his superpowers – flying faster than a speeding bullet, x-ray vision, unparalleled strength – talk about cool. And how about seeing the world perched on top of his shoulders while having a beer to boot? Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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