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4 Natural Hangover Remedies - Slosh Spot

4 Natural Hangover Remedies

Drink water

Have you had a fun night, and you drank more than you could handle? Was it a celebration and you just got lost in the moment? It happens to the best of us. The night’s fun can result in a mean hangover. Now, in a state like this, you need some easy remedies, something that doesn’t require you to head out or create a magic potion with hundreds of ingredients in it.

So, here are some things you could do that either require just one thing you are sure to have at your home or nothing at all.

  • Drink water and other fluids

How ironic is it to get dehydrated while you are drinking something? That’s what alcohol does to your body, which is why it is important to stay hydrated while you’re drinking your favorite alcohol.

Drink water between drinks. I know it is easy to bypass this tip in the moment. If that happens, which it is most likely to, drink a lot of water once you wake up all groggy and tired. Drink other drinks, like sports drinks and coconut water, that are electrolyte-rich, and that can help restore the salt and potassium levels in your body.

  • Eat

Eating fatty food before you go to the party can help you. One of the remedies that work the same is taking a spoonful of olive oil before you head out to drink. All of this is said to grease the intestines, and that makes the intestines take longer to absorb alcohol.

If you don’t do this, if not before then after, eat a nice breakfast the morning after. Like the electrolyte-rich drinks, the electrolytes in food helps your body get hydrated, and also get some much-needed calories. Although don’t go too heavy on the food, eat food that is easy to digest.

  • Sleep

Not sleeping can make your hangover worse. Sleeping is the natural way for our body to heal itself. If you have the liberty, then sleep the next day, and let your body do its job. It’s easier to fight a hangover off in sleep than to go around trying to work with it.

When you are sleeping, you won’t be tiring your body more, neither will you get dehydrated faster. It gives you and your body some much-needed rest.

  • Eat Ginger

Ginger is a proven remedy for reducing nausea and vomiting. Nibble on some crystallized ginger after your night of drinking. This is one of the ingredients that are available in most houses, if not in yours, then consider getting it.

Obviously, the best thing to do would be to not drink too much, but sometimes we all get into situations like these. When that does happen, it is important to take care of your body. Easy remedies are your friend because trust me, even getting out of bed seems like quite a task the morning after.

Remember to eat before and after, drink plenty of water, and enough sleep. You will be fine!

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