Skittles Shot Recipe: Ingredients, Nutritions, and Instructions

Everybody is looking for a fun shot recipe for the new year celebrations. We have a perfect skittle shot recipe for you that will get the party fired up and your guests having the best time. It is none other than the Skittles shot. As interesting as it sounds it is also a wonderful skittle bomb drink. It is full of skittle magic and an alcoholic twist. 

This skittle bomb shot is called Retreau, pronounced as Retro in France. Wondering where this Skittles shot gets its name from? It comes from one of the main skittles shots ingredients flavors that is Skittles itself. It is full of flavor and jazz. It is also one of the easiest skittle shooter recipes there is that can be made quickly. 

This skittle shooter recipe is super easy and fun to make. It requires minimal effort but it is full of punch. What’s in a skittles shot that makes it so good? Let us take a look at the skittles bomb shot recipe and everything that goes on with this shot. 

What is Skittles Shot?

Skittles shot is a fun shot called Retreau in France. It has a skittle flavor hence it has Skittles in its name. It is an alcoholic cocktail shot made from only two ingredients. It is made in a similar fashion to the Jagerbomb and it is quite a fun shot. It is made of Cointreau in a shot glass that is dropped into a Redbull-filled glass. It is a playful shot that makes parties more fun and enjoyable. 

You can also add your own twist to this recipe and make a Skittle bomb vodka shot that will spice up the cocktail furthermore. 

Skittles Shot Recipe

Let us take a close look at the easy skittles shot recipe that can be made in minutes with minimal effort. This skittles shot recipe is so easy that anybody with absolutely no bartending skills can also make this skittles shot. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Skittle shot recipe, ingredients, and equipment required for it. 


As mentioned earlier this shot recipe does not require many ingredients or equipment. All you need is:

  • Shot glasses 
  • Bar Tools (Basic) 

Ingredients – What’s in a Skittles Shot?

Wondering what are the few ingredients that go in a Skittles shot? The long wait is over. Here is the tiny list of ingredients required to make a Skittles shot:

  • Triple Sec (1oz)
  • Energy Soda, Preferably Red Bull ( 0.5 can )

 Instruction – How to Make Skittles Shot?

Wondering how you can make a skittles shot with just two ingredients? Worry not, let us help you with the recipe to make this shot. 

  1. Add Triple Sec in a shot glass. 
  2. Take half a can of Red Bull and add it to a cocktail glass. 
  3. Simply drop the shot glass into the cocktail glass and enjoy the Skittles shot. 


For all the nutrition freaks, here is the nutrition index this Skittles shot provides with each shot. The nutritional value will help you plan your shots ahead and enjoy them without much guilt. 

  • Calories- 155Kcal 
  • Carbohydrates- 27g
  • Protein- 1g
  • Fat- 1g
  • Saturated Fat- 1g
  • Sodium- 10mg
  • Sugar-26g
  • Iron- 1mg

Final Words

You can source these ingredients from anywhere easily and make this fun Skittles shot anytime and anywhere. It is potent and can get any boring party going. It is easy to make and takes only two high-value ingredients to make this cool Skittles shooter bomb. A person with minimum bartending skills can make it easily and without any hassles. Enjoy this shot with friends and family today. 

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