Shrek 2 Drinking Game


We have many things in our lives that we have no idea about. Shrek 2 Drinking Game could be one of them. In a world where we are attuned to beer pong, Never Have I Ever, etc.

You possibly don’t need an introduction to Shrek. The movie centered around a green-colored ogre is every person’s childhood memory. But how does the movie influence a drinking game?

This article will explore everything you need to know about Shrek 2 drinking game, its origin, rules, and variations.

What is the Shrek 2 Drinking Game?

Since this drinking game is uncharted territory for several, let us start with the basics. What is this game?

We won’t get into the movie much. However, if you have watched Shrek, you know the game’s cultural significance. Besides being fun and enriching, the movie characters are also great meme-material.

That said, Shrek 2 drinking game circles around these characters. The game typically starts with the movie playing in the background. Every time a specific character does or says something, someone has to take a shot.

By the movie’s end, the points are added up, and the one with the most point wins the game.

Setting up the Game

The drinking game sounds pretty simple from the description above, right? What’s great is that the game mixes two fun things – watching a movie and drinking alcohol on the side.

So, while setting up the game, you will need two things:

  • A copy of the Shrek Movie (either on a CD, on a DVD, or even on streaming platforms)
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Shot glasses

And that’s all you will need. There are no other items to get started with the game.


Shrek 2 Drinking Game: Rules

Unlike several other drinking games, Shrek 2 focuses more on fun than the rules. So, if you want to chill and relax, this is the game you need to explore.

Most people play this game without keeping track of the points. But, if you are playing with points, we’d recommend keeping a pen and paper handy to take notes.

Now, let us walk you through the rules:

  • You have to sit around and place the alcohol in front of you. You need to make your own rules as to who has to take a drink for certain specific words said in the movie.
  • For example, let’s assume that one has to take a shot every time a character says “Shrek” or “Donkey” in the game. You can segregate who will drink and when.
  • One other rule includes the activities of the players. So, if a player laughs for more than 5 seconds at a scene in the movie, they have to take a shot. If a character in the movie sings a song, someone has to take a shot.

The rules are pretty much the same whether you are playing with or without points. If you are playing with points, you must follow the basic rules mentioned above and then keep track of the points every player collects. By the end of the game, all the points are added and tallied to see who won.

What are some other Game Variations of Shrek 2 Gameplay?

Like every other drinking game, even this one comes with standard rules. But, when you are playing a drinking game, the last thing you want is to make things boring and complicated.

Instead, we’d recommend you look into introducing variations in the game.

One of the most common variations is stretching the game as much as possible. For this, you can indulge in a re-run of all the parts of Shrek. However, this also increases the risk of getting super drunk by the night’s end, so keep that in mind.

Also, Shrek 2 drinking game doesn’t always involve alcohol. If you have people in the group who aren’t comfortable with alcohol, you can always switch things up with soft drinks. If things get overwhelming quickly, there’s always an option to unwind and break between the game.

What’s great about Shrek 2 drinking game is that it gives room for improvement. The game is quite flexible and is perfect for parties including six or more people.

One tip we’d recommend you follow is to go with the flow. Don’t take things too seriously, especially in a drinking game.

Tips and Strategies for Shrek 2 Drinking Game

If this is your first time playing Shrek 2 drinking game, we’d recommend taking things easy. There’s no need to overcomplicate things at all.

Instead, focus on the following tips and strategies to streamline the gaming experience:

  • Start by sorting out the rules among all the players. For example, if someone has to drink a shot whenever the name “Shrek” comes up on the screen, you need to designate a player to that.
  • If you think that the drinking will get overwhelming, choose something with less alcohol. If that isn’t working, you can dilute the drink to reduce its potency.
  • Include creative ways to improve the gameplay. There’s no need to follow the rules as they are. There’s always room for more creativity.
  • If you are playing with points, keep the game fast-paced and competitive. If you want to ensure that everyone has a fair chance, it is better to have someone not drink and take care of the points.

Overall, Shrek 2 Drinking game is fun and exhilarating. You shouldn’t have a hard time mastering this game at all. Since no major skills are involved, almost anyone can play this drinking game, which is quite fun too.

Side Note: Drinking games, especially Shrek 2 drinking game that doesn’t have a lot of rules and inhibitions, can get messy quickly. We’d recommend you practice caution, especially when it involves hard liquor.



Shrek 2 drinking game is quite a fun, fast-paced and simple game that you can explore. This is a great choice if you don’t want to overcomplicate things but still have a drink or two. Although not the most challenging, the game has a lot of room for creativity, which you will find exciting. You only need to ensure that you stay safe and have the time of your life.

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