11 Best Dice Drinking Games to Spice Up Your Party

 Dice Drinking Games

Drunk dice games are a party favorite, and for the right reasons. They are easy to play, immensely entertaining, and are a perfect option to enforce among the crowd at a party. You’d be surprised to know that most of the dice games we indulge in today have a great history that stems from Ancient Egypt.

However, things have shifted over the decades and centuries, and now dice games are a fun way to start a conversation and pass time at a party. Given the variety of the games, alongside the versatility, it isn’t surprising that dice games have become quite accessible to novice drinkers and hardcore party animals.

This article will walk you through the best dice drinking games that can proactively spice up your party experience for the better.

Best Dice Drinking Games

When discussing dice drinking games, the options are pretty diverse. However, which ones are the right picks for you? This article section will walk you through the top 11 drunk dice games worth the time, effort, and entertainment.

1. Liar’s Dice (Pirate’s Dice)

Liar’s dice is a highly strategic game that requires two or more players for you to enjoy the deception proactively. It involves a fast-paced concept of lies and deceit in the game you need to engage in. Also, this was one of the popular dice games showcased in Pirates of the Caribbean. When learning the game, familiarize yourself with the concepts of a single hand and standard hand because that makes all the difference.

This video explains the game’s rules and strategies in detail.

2. Three Man

Also known as Daimyo or Hat Man, Three Man is another popular dice game you should know about. It is a drinking game, so it makes for a great inclusion in parties. Also, you need two dice to play the game, so keep that into consideration as well. If you are wondering how many players you need, the game calls for a minimum of three players and a maximum of five. It involves terms like threes, sevens, elevens, and doubles, while one person is titled the “three-man” to lead the role in the game.

This video explains the game’s rules and strategies in detail.

3. Skull and Dice

Skull and Dice is a good one to start with if you want to play a unique dice drinking game. It is a very fast drinking game, so we’d recommend that you practice optimal caution while playing it. You can switch out the standard drinks with something lighter to prolong your threshold if required. You need one dice for this game, but we’d recommend parking two if you lose one. Also. You need around four or more players to play the game.

Depending on what lands on the dice, the player has to drink subsequently.

4. Higher or Lower

This is another popular dice game that you can consider playing. You need two dice and two players for this, so ensure you have the same sorted. If you have more than two players in the game, this game works quite well with that situation. The rules are simple. Before rolling two dice, the player has to guess a number between 1-12. If the player says “5”, the roller has to guess whether it will be higher or lower. Depending on the results, the one who loses has to drink the shots.

5. Left Center Right (LCR)

LCR is another popular dice drinking game you must include at your parties. You need to have more than three players and distribute three dice per player for fun. The players roll the custom dice with L, R, and C imprinted on them. For the dice that rolls L, one player has to pass it to the left. For R, the player has to pass it to the right, and for C, the player has to add the chip to the center of the pot.

6. 7-11 Doubles

7-11 Doubles is another popular drinking game you can include in your party games. Also, when starting the game, ensure that you start with three dice. You will need two dice for the game. Start by placing the pint in the center and filling it 1/4th. Also, discuss all the rules in detail because that’s where most players go wrong. You need to have all the rules clarified. You need four players or more in this game. If the roller rolls the dice and lands on a 7, 11, or a double, they can choose someone to drink from the cup in the center.

7. 1-2-3!

This is one of the best dice drinking games you can enjoy in larger groups containing up to 10 players. Each player needs to have three dice with them, so that’s another thing you have to be mindful of. The player has to roll the three dice simultaneously. If it lands on 1, 2, and 3, leave them as it is. However, if they don’t, the player has to roll the dice until it lands on the respective numbers. The one who loses has to take the shot.

8. 2 Dice

When you are tired after a long party and want to do something fun and chill, this is the game you need to indulge in. You need two dice like the name of the game suggests. However, we’d recommend you start with three dice to have a backup. Also, keep a pint or a shot in front so the loser can take a sip. You need four or more players for this game. Two dice are rolled at a time, and the penalties are arranged depending on the combined total.

9. Six Cups

Six cups are one of the easiest dice drinking games to start at your party. All you have to do is get six cups and fill some with some drink. Not all the cups should have drinks in them. The player rolls the dice, and the corresponding number is checked with the cups. If it is one with alcohol, the roller has to take a drink.

10. Pig

When talking about popular dice drinking games, Pig is quite an underrated one. The objective of this game is to win drinks. Roll and launch the pigs and count up the points. The score depends on how the pig lands. Typically, a pig lying on the side lands zero points. One leaning on the snout, front foot, or left ear gets 25 points, and so on. The more a player collects points, the better the chances of winning.

11. Chō-Han

Lastly, we have Chō-Han, another popular dice drinking game that uses two dice. The two dice are rolled in a bowl or bamboo cup, overturned, and dumped on the ground. Before revealing the numbers, the players must guess whether the total is a Chō or even number or Han or an odd number. The winners collect the money, and the losers have to drink.


These are some of the most popular and fun dice drinking games that you can actively indulge in. Ensure that you have the necessary number of players and dice to start the individual games. Also, practice safety and caution with the drinks you are scarfing down.

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