13 Best Drinking Games That You Can Play Without Cards or Balls

drinking games

Most individuals, particularly students, will be traveling on holidays shortly to enjoy this summertime, which revolves around partying. Drinking alone may become monotonous; Therefore, Drinking Games can be played to spice things up.

Despite being prohibited at certain schools and institutions, these games never fail to bring a party to life. Another method to make the most of your college experience is to throw parties in your dorm rooms. This results in games being played during the party, whether drunk or sober.

Why Drinking Games Without Cards?

You are not always prepared before going to a party, and you never know what might happen there. You might not have drinks, or you just might, and let’s be real, you don’t always plan to play drinking games with friends; it just happens! So, in this post, you will find some of the best drinking games that you can play without cards, balls, or any props.

Best Drinking Games Without Cards and Balls 

Here are some of the drinking games that you can play without using cards or balls:

Shot Roulette

 For small parties, shot roulette is an excellent drinking game. It’s effortless to put up, it’s straightforward to play, and it includes a lot of drinking. It’s best to play it later in the evening, as drinking shots in the morning might be dangerous!

Preferably, a shot roulette gaming set would suffice. Then all you’ll need are a couple of different kinds of beverages to fill your cups. If you don’t have a set, though, you may make do with the following:

15 glasses for 15 shots

A variety of drinks 

A roulette table

How to play:

Make the necessary preparations. You are free to choose whatever drink you wish. Beer, wine, vodka, and water are all decent options. Because you don’t know which you have until the last minute, vodka and water are a terrific combination. Cola and black rum are also fantastic options for a surprise aspect!

Surround the roulette wheel with shot glasses. Take turns spinning and then taking the shot. 


Picolo is a great drinking game for small parties because it’s so simple to set up. It’s excellent because it takes all of the guesswork out of drinking games; you can just sit back and relax while the app does all of the work. And because you don’t need anything other than your phone to play it, it’s a great one to play at home or at a bar!

All you need are your beverages and a phone!

How to play:

Picolo is a free program that you may download.

Upgrade to the premium version or choose a free version.

Enter each player’s name, with clever nicknames earning additional points!

Then simply respond to the questions and follow the directions.

Most likely

It’s that popular game you’ve probably all heard of! You list questions, such as “Who’s Most Likely To.” It’s up to you to ask questions that are humorous, nasty, profound, or whatever else you desire!

How to play:

When a question is asked, you all point to one of the players (you may also tag yourself) and count who has the most votes. That player must, of course, take a shot! It’s a lot of fun, making you wonder whether you’re actually that person.

Two Truths And One Lie

This is another excellent drinking game for small parties, and it’s ideal for playing with someone you don’t know very well. It’s a terrific game to play at the start of your night since it allows you to brag about any cool things you’ve done that no one would expect!

How to play:

Each person must give the group three facts about themselves in turn. Two of them are true, and one is a falsehood.

Each of the other players chooses which of the two lies they believe is true.

If the other player is incorrect, they must drink part of their own beverage.

However, if some players successfully guess, the player must take one sip for every person who correctly guesses.

Drink Jenga

The perfect booze game to play at the beginning of any little gathering is drunk jenga. It’s a fantastic take on the traditional game! It’s also an excellent ice breaker drinking game for small parties, and it doesn’t require much thought when playing! The only catch is that you must first prepare for a few minutes before you can begin playing.

You’ll need three different colored Jenga blocks or Jenga blocks with different truths or dares printed on them to play this game.

How to play:

Make a stack of Jenga Blocks.

Each player takes a turn removing a block from the stack (but not the ones at the very top!)

The player must complete the assignment if the Jenga locks have various truths or dares printed on them.

One of the three colors you select correlates to a truth, dare, or shot that the other players can choose from.

Continue to remove the bricks one by one until the stack collapses. After that, the loser must finish their drink.

Never Have I Ever

A traditional icebreaker drinking game that is ideal for smaller gatherings. With this one, you may be as adventurous as you want, and it’s a terrific way to get to know the group. It can also show some really intriguing information about people you already know!

How to play:

Form a circle by sitting or standing in a circle.

Each participant takes a turn saying something they’ve never done before.

Every player who has done it must consume alcohol.

Each player gets three lives, and each time they have to drink, they lose one.

They’ll have to finish their drink after using up all of their lives.

Then you have the option of starting over or switching to a new game!


 You both take shots if you catch someone gazing directly into your eyes, so try to avoid it.

How to play:

This may appear to be too easy, but you have no clue how much fun you’re missing out on! To begin the game, you must first place your heads on the table and count to (let’s say) 5 seconds.

After that, everyone at the table glances up and stares at another player. You shout ‘Medusa!’ and you and the other player take shots if you randomly catch someone’s eyes staring at you, so you have lovely eye contact.


Hesitation is a very easy game to play with your friend’s group as all you need to do is ask them questions. You can ask them any questions!

How to play:

All the participants sit in a circle, with one member of the group starting the game by asking another participant a yes or no question, which they must then respond to without hesitation. You must take a drink if you are unsure how to respond to the inquiry. If a question is asked more than once, the individual who is asking it must take a drink.

Beer Pong

You must drink that cup if any player from your opponent’s squad tosses the ball into one of your cups!

How to play:

It’s commonly played in groups (even if it’s just two people), and the first step is to build a pyramid of cups on both sides of the table, filling them with various beverages (some can be non-alcoholic).

Everyone takes a turn throwing the ball into one of the cups on the other side. If you shoot accurately, any of the other team’s teammates must drink that cup.

So you strive to be as accurate as possible while hoping the opposing team isn’t. 

I Drink, and I know Things

You know that famous drinking game from Game of Thrones that Tyrion, Bronn, and Shae were playing. Yes, you can recreate that same game with your group.

How to play:

This is another one of the ice breaker games to play with a small group of people. The rules of this game are fairly simple. All you need to do is make a statement, well, more like an assumption about one of the player’s past life. If that statement is true and it has happened to them at some point in their life, they drink, and if you’re wrong, then you drink!


If you’re the inquisitive kind, you’ll drink whenever you want to discover why that player gestured at you. What do you mean? That doesn’t make sense.

People who don’t care if the globe is on fire, on the other hand, don’t need to drink much. But, for those who are truly interested and want to know everything, boy, you’re going to become heavily intoxicated!

How to play:

There are no complex instructions to follow: You pose a question to another player, and their response should be somebody else in the group, so they must point to them. If the player who’d been pointed at wants to know the answer to the question, they must drink!

Back to Back

This is a fantastic drinking game to play since it involves everyone and is best for those that know one other well. It’s a great way to start the night because it doesn’t require too much drinking!

How to play:

Two gamers stand shoulder to shoulder, each carrying a full drink.

Players should form a circle around them and ask “most likely to” questions.

If the two players in the center believe they are the most likely to win, they can drink.

The following inquiry is asked if they are the only one who drinks.

If neither player drinks in response to the question, then both players must drink.

However, if both players drink in response to the question, they must both drink again.

The game continues until the player has finished their drink and everyone is out of questions.


This is a great small-group drinking game that doesn’t require cards or anything else! It’s ideal for 80s parties, but you can play whatever music you want!

How to play:

Ascertain that each player has a full glass of water.

Play The Police’s song “Roxanne.”

You must drink every time you hear the word “Roxanne.”

You must drink every time you hear “put on the red light.”

Try to make it all the way through the song!

If you’re listening to any other song, each player takes a turn drinking when they hear that one word that repeats the most in that particular song and must keep drinking until the song ends. The next player must then begin drinking. For example, if you’re playing with “Shake it Off,” the same rules apply when you hear the word “Shake.”


We hope you liked the above list of drinking games and will keep in mind some of them for the next time you forget a deck of cards while planning a drinking party!

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